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5 Kid-Friendly Fall Activities You Can Do in September

Summer is so full of incredible outdoor activities that the entrance into fall can feel sluggish and tired. While summer may be your family’s favorite thanks to the warm air and lack of school, fall and autumn are just as exciting! Here are five family-friendly fall activities that will have your kids creating lasting memories.

Tour or volunteer at a farm

farm tour with kids

It’s not quite summer and it’s not quite fall, but now is the time that your local farmers are working hard! Not only are farms a great way to help introduce your kids to the place where our food comes from, but the support you show the farmers will help them to survive the winter – in a business sense, of course!

Have a look at your local farmer’s market and ask one of the vendors if they offer farm tours. You’ll be surprised how excited they are that someone wants to come see their farm! Contrary to popular assumption, farmers are just big-time food nerds, and they love to share their passion with the people who eat their food! If you can’t make it to a farmer’s market before the season ends, check this website for a list of farms near you!

Be sure to bring: rubber boots. Get some good ones, too. Go with a tried and true brand which, while it might cost a little bit more, will last you for decades if you treat them right! Grab our Zappos coupon codes so you can pick up some rain boots for your whole family.

Make a clove orange

clove orange autumn crafts

Remember this from being a kid? There’s no smell that is more reminiscent of fall than oranges and cloves. Not only that, but these two ingredients make a super fun craft activity for you and the kids! Use cloves as little nails, pushing them into the orange. Leave them in your table centerpiece and experience the beautiful scent of autumn.

Go on a picnic

fall autumn picnic with thermos

Maybe this seems like a springtime-only activity, but that’s where you’re wrong. How are you supposed to find and subsequently jump in the biggest piles of leaves when you stay in your little apartment all weekend!? What if your house only has one leaf-producing tree on the lot? That’s where picnics come in. Also, this is a great opportunity to use some cool food containers and eat some warm meals while you’re outside! Thermos promo codes will help you stock up on fall and winter-friendly gear.

Stock the pantry

cooking with kids in the kitchen

It’s the “harvest season” after all, so visit a farm and then take your bounty back to the homestead. You can use all kinds of inexpensive and accessible ingredients to make healthy and fun snacks. Here are some delicious pantry basics to help inspire some ideas.

  • Buy some oats and dry some fall harvest fruit to make your own granola. Have your kids pic a special treat ingredient like coconut or chocolate chips to make it sweeter. Enjoy it all winter long by storing it in a glass jar!
  • Puree your favorite fruits and spread into a thin layer on your dehydrator sheets. Wait a few hours and roll up your new fruit leather in parchment paper for storage.
  • Combine cold butter, white flour, a little salt, and a nip of vodka (not kid-friendly!) to create perfect pie crusts that you can wrap in plastic and place in the freezer. The kids will love smushing the butter and flour together!
  • Clean out the insides of pumpkins and squash and clean off the seeds. Season them with spices, then roast them in the oven to make a delicious and healthy snack!

Build a blanket fort

blanket fort

When it gets too windy and rainy outside, bring the adventure inside with a blanket fort. It’s the cheapest activity you can do with your kids, and they’ll think it’s the most magical experience ever. Those are memories they’ll have forever! Take as many chairs of varying heights, tables, and if you’re feeling fancy, holiday lights to create a fantastic escape for your family. Bring in the portable DVD player for an extra special movie night that will surely become an autumn tradition.

What are your family’s favorite fall and autumn activities? Tell us in the comments!