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5 Mind-Blowing Deals for Budget-Minded Bibliophiles


Are you a bibliophile? Do you love books and everything associated with the world of words? If you need to get more for your library, we understand the constant urge to check websites and bookstores for new releases and special items. We also understand the desire to save money on these deals, as a budget-minded bibliophile needs to maintain a certain lifestyle. Therefore, spending full-price on new books is just not an option.

Here’s where you can find some savings on the things you love most:



Abebooks is an online bookstore where you can get everything from rare books to beautiful artwork to deck the walls out of your library with. Right now, you can get 10% off sitewide at Abebooks Canada, as well as deals on books in genres like Cooking and History.


Book Outlet

When the words “book” and “outlet” are found in the same sentence, you know it’s a good find for a budget-minded bibliophile. Book Outlet is an amazing online bookstore that’s known as a ‘bestseller of bargain books.’ Get 50 titles at 50% off, with some titles up to 90% off. What are you waiting for?


Audiobooks Now

Perhaps as much as you love a physical book, you also love listening to someone telling the story. Audiobooks are a great way to add to your book collection. And, Audiobooks Now is having an awesome sale on various audiobooks in their selection. Get 50% off 50 audiobooks and 30% off some other titles not found on that list.


Thrift Books

If you don’t mind stacking your shelves with used books, then there are even more deals waiting for you. Buying used books means you can get the same great read but often for more than half the price of the original, new version. Thrift Books which is a unique store that started off as a storage unit somewhere in Washington state is now a huge website where you can find amazing deals on used books and even signed books. Now, this store is having 15% off any order. Start shopping now!


Book of the Month

Remember when book clubs or reading groups at school were the highlights of your childhood? Getting to read a new book every month is the gift that keeps on giving. And, when that gift is mailed right to your door at the start of every month, it’s that much better. Like Barkbox, Blue Apron, Stich Fix, and all those other innovative businesses, Book of the Month wants to give you something you can’t get anywhere else. Now, you can get Paula Hawkins’ new book for free when you sign up for a three-month plan using the promo code: WATER. And, that’s not all!

If you’re not already buried in a book for the rest of the day, use this time to get yourself more to read with these awesome mind-blowing deals for all the budget-minded bibliophiles out there!