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5 Multi-Pack Products that Make Great Gifts

At the end of every summer when I was younger, my Dad and I would traverse the state fairs and look at all of the home appliance vendors and kitchen gadgets. He was the type of person that would see something he thought was cool, and instantly need everyone in his life to know about it. If he really believed in a product, he would immediately buy 4 of whatever it was. One for him and his family, and one for each one of his three brothers. This became a trend in our family around the holidays. Seeing 4 identical, wrapped packages meant that he stumbled across something really good and soon, we’ll all be members of the Owner’s Club.

Especially when it comes to stocking stuffers, unexpected children around gifting time, and even office parties, buying multi-packs of products is a smart, economical way to prepare yourself for the holidays.You can even find some great bulk gifts at the dollar store. There are great deals at the dollar store, especially when you have some Dollar Tree promo codes for special savings!

The bulk bonus goes both ways, because when you opt for an economy pack of products as opposed to several individual products, you nearly always receive a price cut. When you buy in bulk, you save the retailers or sellers money on extra packaging and shipping costs, so they roll the savings over to you.

These 5 great gifts to buy in bulk will be make you feel armed and ready for the gifting season.



Glider Planes & Tote Bag Craft Kits

Kid’s Craft Kits

These are great, inexpensive gifts for all kids, and even some adults. These kits are an excellent way to keep kids busy during big, busy parties while giving them something fun and creative to do. Plus, they come in packages that cost less than some packs of gum!


Hershey’s Variety Pack


No holiday is complete without gratuitous candy! It’s a great, neutral gift that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face – young or old. The biggest candy companies have put together gift-friendly multi-packs of their best-selling candy bars to make it easy for you. Slip a candy bar into a co-worker’s inbox, or leave one in the box for the postal worker. There’s no wrong time for the gift of candy!


Art’s Naturals Beeswax Lip Balm

Lip Balm

In the northern hemisphere, winter is associated with chapped lips. Skincare lovers aren’t the only ones who love taking care of their lips! Slipping a lip balm into a gift, or even tying it into the bow of a wrapped present is a cute and thoughtful way to show you care. Plus, these big packages of lip balm are so affordable, there’s no reason not to! If you’re lucky, you’ll find variety packs from luxurious, indie brands with creative, delicious scents and flavors.


Folding 5-Inch Knives

Pocket Knives

This is such a smart thing to give as a gift. Little pocket knives like these are extra cool because you can keep them on your keychain and always have it with you. They literally come in tubs so you can attach one to the bow of your gift or slip one into a Christmas stocking.


Our Own Candle Company Scented Candles


Everyone loves candles! They offer you two major services: ambient light and lovely scents. They are very inexpensive to make, so retailers frequently offer them in large multi-packs. You can get assorted packs with all different scents and assign the scents to loved ones based on what you think they would like. It’s actually a very personal gift considering it was purchased in bulk!

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