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5 Must-Have Accessories for Summer Travel

summer travel accessories

If you’re going on a trip this summer, we encourage you to pack lightly. That being said, with so many cool travel accessories on the market, you can bring along extra comforts without adding extra weight to your bag. Travel technology and the market overall has really grown over the last few years, and there’s no limit as to what you can take with you.

When you go on your summer travels, make sure you bring one of these must-have accessories with you!

summer travel accessories

A Travel Pillow

Sitting in a car or on a plane for long hours takes a toll on your body mentally and physically. So, having a travel pillow to give you some support along the journey is a treat. Travel pillows can be found pretty much anywhere, but what you need is the Homesky Inflatable Travel Pillow from Amazon! Remember, you can save a lot on your order if you sign up for Amazon Prime!

summer travel accessories


When you lose your headphones during a big trip, or you just forget them home altogether, it’s not really a happy time for anyone. Headphones allow you to escape any noise when you’re traveling, fall asleep on a plane, or have a phone call hands-free. Headphones, though, can tend to be expensive. But, with the right deal, you can get them at a good price. Take a look at Promospro and get them for $159.00!

summer travel accessories

A Notebook

Writing about your summer travels? What better way to record your experiences, and pass up the traveling time? Sure, you can get a notebook at any store more or less, but you need a sturdy one that’s going to hold up during traveling. Luckily, Moleskin is now having up to 30% off on their products for their summer sales!

A Fanny Pack

In addition to your big luggage, which you can find at Samsonite for great discounts, you’re going to need something you can just use to travel around the day with you. Something that’s not too heavy or bulky, but that you can still fit things in. Head to Forever XXI to check out their fanny packs and other cool travel accessories, like makeup bags and travel kits!

summer travel accessories

A Necklace Fan

It already hot in the summer, and when you’re traveling, it’s that much more uncomfortable. Trying to fan yourself off with your hand just isn’t going to cut it. You need something else to help you cool down, so how does a necklace fan sound? You can buy your O2Cool® Necklace Fan at or Wal-Mart or Staples. Make sure you check out other great summertime deals while you’re there!

Each season has its own accessories for travel. Get these and make travel this summer a breeze!