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5 of the Best Back to School Electronic Supplies for 2016

Pens, paper, notebooks, and erasers are some of the most common analog back to school items on our 2016 shopping lists. However, in our advancing digital era we have been adjusting to having more of our needs met by electronic counterparts. Here are some of the best electronic back to school supplies for the new school year.

Portable Electronic Storage

From portable drives to USB sticks, storing and managing data is crucial to a student’s success. Being able to back up term papers and school projects as well as transferring data between home and school are all important implementations of these devices. When deadlines come around, it’s relieving to know that all your hard work is backed up in another location. You can purchase portable hard drives or USB sticks at Best Buy.1

Voice Recorder

Being able to go back and re-listen to lectures is the best gift anyone can ask for. Recording your classes is beneficial to reviewing and glossing over old notes or important points you may have missed. At the end of a class, you can even leave a message to yourself about the work assigned for the day. Just make sure your student has their teacher’s permission before recording any part of the lecture. Some professors may not want to be recorded. Voice Recorders can be easily purchased at Staples.

Classroom Calculators

Graphing and scientific calculators are available for purchase at Target and WalmartThese devices are perfect for all physics, engineering, and math students. Having a calculator is perfect for opportunities where smartphones aren’t allowed in class. These restrictions are due to classroom rules or testing situations. While smartphone capabilities have implemented many calculator features, many advanced graphing capabilities can easily be completed on graphing calculators.2

Tablets and Laptops

While not necessary for every student, those in higher education will greatly benefit by adding a smartphone or tablet to their school shopping list. Reading electronic textbooks, taking notes, and creating voice recordings are all capabilities easily handled by tablets and laptops. Depending on what type of device you wish to purchase, these electronic devices are available at Apple or Microsoft. Students will often use laptops for papers and class projects.3


One object that a student cannot go without in this era is a smartphone. Found in almost every pocket across America these devices allow students to plan their classes, check homework assignments, communicate with group members, and check up on their dwindling bank accounts. Smart phones are available for purchase at places such as Apple, Verizon, or an AT&T store depending on the type of phone you wish to purchase and your service provider.

Final Words on Back to School Electronic Supplies

In an era where technology interconnects so many of us, it’s never been more important for your student to prepare themselves for the next school year. Getting these electronic supplies will help them be ready for the work that’s to come. Make sure to add these important items to your back-to-school shopping list.