5 Of The Best Places To Visit During Halloween

There’s nothing better around the Halloween season than haunted houses.. and if that’s something you enjoy doing then do we have a list for you. All around the United States there are special events, tours and haunted houses that you can visit during the Halloween season to get you amped up for Halloween.

Haunted events, spooky tours and historical places have become a popular destination during the month of October and if you’re looking for some new places to visit we’ve come across some of the best places to visit for Halloween.

Winchester Mystery House

winchester-mystery-houseYou’re probably saying.. “Well that doesn’t look scary at all.” but just wait until you experience their Halloween tour.

At the Winchester Mystery House, you are guided only by candlelight, the morbid lure of darkness and what might exist on the “other side,” you tour the bewildering maze of rooms which are frozen in a state of arrested decay or resplendent in Victorian grandeur. Although touches of festive Halloween abound, the atmosphere is heavy with foreboding as an unseen presence seems to be watching at all times.

Sleepy Hollow Halloween at New York

spooky-outdoor-pic-600x350Washington Irving’s timeless legend that introduced the world to the Headless Horseman was in Sleepy Hollow, New York. The Sleepy Hollow cemetery is also the resting place of Irving and contains the crypt of vampire Barnabas Collins. This event is a month long celebration that includes lantern tours, haunted hayrides, street fairs and live music, and even festive parades.

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Festival of the Dead in Salem, Massachusetts

46859_10152589764165624_48290918_nIf you are familiar with American History, I’m sure you remember the legacy of the Salem Witch Trials. The Witches of Salem honor this time with Festival of the Dead, an annual event that explores death’s macabre customs, heretical histories, strange rituals and more.  The festivities all culminate in the heralded Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball at Hawthorne Hotel, where hundreds gather to “summon the spirits” of Halloween. Voodoo ceremonies, ritual drummers, and appearances from witch doctors make this event a one-of-a-kind experience.

Kentucky’s Louisville Zoo Halloween Party

hdr_fathers2016The Louisville Zoo is transformed into a Halloween hub during the month of October and is fun for the entire family. See the animals, while the zoo makes no promise they are you are most likely to see maned wolves, jaguars, bongos, rhinos, giraffes and polar bears. As you walk the zoo paths you’re also likely to see the Headless Horseman as he makes his annual appearance at the zoo.

Fables Fright Night – Haunted Theme Park, East Dundee, IL

b7bbb6_7391fe62839544e88e635d9ddf9f4bb2mv2_d_5318_3546_s_4_2After the sun sets, the ghosts and ghouls will come out to scare in this immersive, expansive Halloween event! Make your way through multiple haunted attractions, featuring highly detailed, Hollywood-quality sets where monsters and boogeymen are lurking in the dark, ready to make you their next victim. But nowhere is safe, as Santa’s Village has been transformed into ghoulish scare zones where your darkest nightmares await.

There are many Halloween attractions and destinations all over the world that take place in October. Be sure to check out the travel coupons before you go!