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5 Practical Gifts for College Graduates

May is the month for graduations. It is also a time of mixed emotions as recent college graduates take the giant step forward from childhood to adulthood. After depending on their parents for over 20 years college graduates will now venture off and live on their own; saying goodbye to their old dorm life and hello to their next big adventure. It’s a big wide world out there and there is much to be done. Grads need to secure employment, search for an apartment and begin to manage their own finances. So what are some practical gifts that will help them get started?

Apparel for Work

While some jobs permit casual attire many still require starched button down shirts, business suits and ties. Whether your grad is currently seeking employment or officially starting in a new role he may need more formal attire. Shopping for suits can be a bit intimidating for a kid who is accustomed to wearing nothing other than t-shirts and jeans. When the pomp and circumstance of graduation ends take your son for a formal fitting at Men’s Wearhouse, then check out the wide selection of suits available. While you are there ask about the Men’s Wearhouse Rewards Program, which grants a $50 reward for every $500 spent in store.

Briefcase or Laptop Bag

Times are a changing and the days of desktop computers are long gone. Back in the day you may have showed up at work and found a large computer sitting under your desk. These days most new employees are issued a company laptop on the first day of work. Why not provide a practical and stylish new bag to carry that laptop in? You can find elegant, upscale laptop bags in a variety of colors and materials at Nordstrom.

Amazon Prime Membership

After living inside the bubble of a college campus it can be difficult to transition to a world in which you need to supply just about everything yourself. All the sudden you need to buy your own cups, plates, frying pans and other kitchen basics, not to mention the simple, little necessities in life like light bulbs. This spring give the gift of an Amazon Prime Membership and ensure that your son or daughter can receive free two-day shipping on any little need that might arise.

Home Furnishings

Speaking of supplying the necessities of life; the new grad might not have any furniture. In the dorm students just need to bring their sheets and pillows. In the real world graduates need a whole lot more. Consider passing down unused and unwanted couches, beds and tables. If you want to buy something new, check out the Memorial Day sale at Basset furniture, where you can receive 25% off your order.

Cooking Classes

Some children learn to cook from a very young age. They pull a stool up to the kitchen counter and watch their moms and dads flip pancakes, bake cookies and chop fruits and veggies. Other kids don’t have the opportunity or desire to cook as young children. Instead they eat what their parents prepare for the first eighteen years and then head to the dining hall for the next four. Cooking classes are the perfect practical gift for the college graduate who doesn’t know to prepare a meal. Search for group classes in a wide range of cuisines and locations at Groupon.

This May start your college graduate off on the right foot with practical gifts that will prepare them for the next big adventure.