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5 Reasons to Look Forward to Fall

While it’s always sad to say goodbye to summer there are many reasons to look forward to the fall. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Colorful Scenery

autumn-196566_640Every fall we are granted access to nature’s most spectacular show as we witness leaves changing from dark green to bright red, orange and yellow. On a day-to-day basis many of us take nature for granted, but every autumn we are reminded of the splendor and raw beauty of nature. Children also love this time of year, as it seems so magical and mystifying. Of course, they also love jumping into giant piles of leaves. And what child doesn’t love the sound of rustling leaves? They find any excuse to kick, shuffle or dance around in them.

Fall Fashion


It’s time to pack away the flip-flops and tank tops and replace them with scarves, comfy sweaters and boots. I love the changing of seasons and the changing wardrobe that comes with it. Fall is all about layering. It can be quite warm mid-day and down right blustery and cold by mid-evening. What better way to prepare then by layering short sleeve shirts with cardigans or a long sleeve shirt with an infinity scarf? And of course, you can’t forget those beautiful boots that can finally come out of hiding.


Halloween Tombstone

Before the sand was washed out of the last beach bucket the stores began setting up Halloween displays. Did you pass by that huge display of three witches and a cauldron in Costco? Did the scary clowns in CVS startle you? Yes, just like every other holiday, Halloween is making an appearance in stores earlier this year. Believe it or not Halloween is a favorite holiday in our house, almost surpassing Thanksgiving and Christmas. My four-year-old son likes to hand out candy almost as much as he likes to go trick-or-treating for it. What night makes grownups feel more like a kid than Halloween? A night where even adults can buy giant dog costumes or dress as scary, wicked witches?

Cozy Fires


Is your relationship in need of a little romance? What could be more romantic then nestling in front of a warm and cozy fire with someone you love? Find the nearest outdoor fire pit or indoor fireplace, gather up some logs and strike a match. Not in the mood for romance, fires are still perfect for quiet nights, even if you are home all alone. Turn off the TV, put away your phone and pull out a good book or magazine. Then cozy up on the couch and listen to the crackle of the logs as you savor the warmth around you.

Warm Drinks


When summer ends so does the time to drink ice cold daiquiris on the beach. In place of those chilled glasses you’ll need a large mug filled to the brim with steamy hot chocolate. Sit out on your porch one autumn evening and note the chill in the air just before you take a sip of that warm luscious drink. Feeling extra joyful or in need of a little pickup, throw a few mini marshmallows on top or add a cinnamon stick.

As summer fades into the background think ahead to all of the seasonal joys autumn has to offer. Fall is such a wonderful time of year with so many activities to look forward to and near perfect weather to enjoy them.