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5 Scary Haunted Tours to Take This Halloween

It’s that time of year when everyone wants to take a haunted tour and get their scare on. Of course, these can be taken all throughout the year, but October seems to be the most popular month. Pick a tour that sounds fun to you, book a stay at an Accor hotel, jump on SmartFares to find your flight and prepare to hear spooky tales of years gone by.

Chattanooga, TN: Take a walking ghost tour through downtown Chattanooga, hear tales and take photos of some of the city’s haunted places. Chattanooga is one of the most famous railway towns in the U.S. and historically it was one of the most used trade routes along the Tennessee River. All of this leads to one very haunted city with some of the best ghost tours in the country.


Gettysburg, PA: How can this location not be haunted? It is home to one of the most notable battles ever fought on U.S. soil. Hundreds of soldiers fell during the battle of Gettysburg along with one civilian casualty, Jennie Wade. There are a number of tours available in Gettysburg but make sure to take the tour that goes inside the Jennie Wade House or the Haunted Orphanage for a very creepy experience.

Savannah, GA: Savannah is considered, by some, to be the most haunted city in America. Lots of tours are available, but if you are all over 21 consider taking the haunted pub crawl so you can enjoy a different variety of spirits during your tour.  During your tour you will wander the gorgeous streets of this historic city, pass by gorgeous Southern homes and hear stories about all of its ghostly visitors.


Jefferson City, MO: The Missouri State Penitentiary was already a 100 years old when Alcatraz began taking inmates. Before it closed in 2004, the prison was the oldest continually operating penitentiary west of the Mississippi River. All the tour guides are former corrections officers, guards and wardens who worked here. The haunted tour discusses the history of the site and talks about strange and unusual occurrences behind the walls. During the tour you’ll go into the oldest building still standing, built in 1868, as well as the Dungeon Cells, The Upper Yard, Housing Unit 3 and the Gas Chamber.

Eureka Springs, AR: The 1886 Crescent Hotel was once the headquarters to a very devious individual who promised to cure people of cancer, but in reality just conned them out of thousands of dollars while they died a slow and painful death. The hauntings here reflect back to that time and two tours are offered each evening. They almost always sell out so you’ll want to purchase your tickets well in advance.  If you are an overnight guest at the hotel there is probably a good chance that you’ll have your own haunted encounter.
If none of these locations or places sound like what you are looking for you are in luck because there are many more across the United States. Look at Take Tours for more options.