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5 Simple Tips to Shop for Clothes and Still Save Money

Let’s face the fact that we need brand new clothes after some time especially when we have special occasions to attend or just some get-together affair. Shopping can be a pleasure especially when you are eyeing on hundreds of styles to choose from the store and they all look gorgeous.

You might be satisfied from the moment you walked out of store, hands full of shopping bags but then, when you look into your wallet, hey, it’s already empty! After some time, new styles will come along and those brown leopard-print leggings you’ve bought is already out of fashion.

shop for clothes

So what happens next? You go out again, shop for more and then later on you have no savings at all, worse is, you are left with high credits to pay. It’s time to cut your shopaholic habit and be an organized and smart shopper.

Whether you are a fashionista or just a regular shopper, these simple things might come in handy when shopping for your needs. Being an organized and smart buyer means having to choose one item from the other that you can really use multiple times and can have a big impact on your savings even when you shop for more.

Here are some easy and simple tips to make the most of your money when buying clothes.

1. Revamp your closet

 Revamp your closet

First, you need to sort some things on your closet. Admit it, we tend to forget what we own and we sometimes get surprised by the unused clothes our wardrobe has hidden from us. Check out some stuff first in there that you can still use and revamp it with the use of accessories and blazers. Blazers and coats are excellent covers; they are expected to be worn frequently without anyone noticing it. How about some belts on your unused dresses? or maybe a necklace to match the style?

2. Make a List

make a list

Make a plan, a budget and especially a list. Keep things organized so you won’t overspend on clothes or tops that you already have in the first place.

After you sort the things that you lacked, you need to make a list of what you will buy. Got a dress that would look much better with accessories? Try to look for an accessory that would look best when match on any dress so you can still use it. If you’re making a list, you are like sticking to a budget and just buying what you really need to avoid impulse buying just because a pretty pink top looks nice. Stick to your list and you’ll be perfectly fine with the budget and with the shopping experience.

3. Skip the Trend – Go for Classic Solid colors

go for classic solid colour

So you’re aiming for a striped-print legging; but think how often you’re going to wear them. If only for once or twice, then choose something that could be worn on more seasons to come.

If you want a blazer, try to find some solid colors instead of a hot-pink with fancy styles just because it’s the latest trend. Sooner or later, another one will come along and these fancy coats will wear off its style. Solid colors like black, white and gray can be worn on any dress or tops and will still look presentable and formal. They never go out of style.

4. Get some Ideas

Before you throw that cash away, look first for ideas may it be online or with friends. There’s no harm no look for some best deals online or surf for clothes that suits your needs. Ask your friends too about their ideas or anything they do to make an old clothing looks new or what clothes to buy that could be used on many occasions or events. Also ask for tips on what to add to make something look better. A better chance is, try to swap clothes with them. In that way, both of you can benefit and still save money for extra spree.

5. Coupons and Deals

clothes on sale

Try to find something online that offers coupons and best deals for clothes. There are a lot of discounted items on sale when you just try first to look hard. We know that clothes are not that cheap so we better get the most out of it.

Every shopper knows the dangers of impulse buying – it can be very bad to your bank account and your savings. They are easy to make but hard to trace and often will leave you of cluttering closet of unused clothes that you might even don’t like! Keep in mind these few simple tips to keep that closet updated while keeping your savings intact.

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