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5 Sites That Pay You To Design Clothes

sites that will pay you to design shirts

Have a passion for fashion?  Did you have aspirations of becoming a fashion designer as a teen, but it never quite panned out?  Well, then, it’s time to resurrect those broken dreams.  The internet has made almost everything easier, including getting paid to create great clothing designs.  You won’t be cutting and sewing, but you will be designing and uploading.  

Here are five sites that pay you to design clothes, all from the comfort of your living room:

1. Society6

Society6 allows you to upload your art as prints.  Then, you can apply that same artwork to a number of different items, including clothing.

How They Pay

For each of the following items, you get the listed price when an item sells:

  • You set the retail price and your own profit margin on each print.
  • Tees and Tanks: $2.20
  • V-Neck Shirts: $2.40
  • Long-Sleeve Tees and Biker Tanks: $2.80
  • Allover Print Shirts: $3.40
  • Leggings: $3.90
  • Hoodies: $4.20

What We Love Most: The quality of the artists’ designs, combined with how they well they are laid out on each item of clothing.

2. SpreadShirt

On SpreadShirt, you can design a large range of clothing items including tees, long-sleeve tees, varsity jackets, hoodies, tanks, vests, sweatshirts, gym shorts, sweat pants, leggings, polos, and even underwear!  You can design specifically for each clothing item.

How They Pay

SpreadShirt allows you to pick how much commission you make on each item.  This is similar to some of the other sites below.  Beware, though!  Raising your commission level too much will fend off potential buyers.

What We Love Most: The wide array of clothing pieces you can design.

3. CafePress

On CafePress, in addition to the range that Spreadshirt offers, you can design maternity clothing, kids’ clothes, and baby clothing.  Designs are easily transferable onto all 250+ products they produce.  When you open up a shop with CafePress, this is the compensation you get:

How They Pay

You set your own royalty rates.  In addition, you get a bonus if your shop does enough in sales based on a tiered system.  One hundred dollars and one cent to five hundred dollars per month gets you an additional 10% bonus, $500.01-$1,000 earns a 15% bonus, $1,000.01-$2,000 nets you a bonus of 20%, $2,000.01-$5,000 is 25%, and anything $5,000.01 or over earns a bonus of 30%.

What we love most: The generous bonus program.

4. Zazzle

Zazzle is much the same as Spreadshirt as far as their options and payment structure goes.  They make designing incredibly easy and user-friendly.

How They Pay

Designers set their own royalty fees between 5% and 99%.  As with SpreadShirt, remember that while higher royalties equal a bigger payday, they may be fewer and further between as you push away a larger number of potential customers the higher you go.

What we love most:  The ease of designing.

5. VistaPrint

VistaPrint is possibly most famous for its business cards, but it also allows you to design tees for men, women, and kids, along with hats and hoodies.  These items are largely for businesses, camps, conferences, family reunions, and other things of the like.  They’re also for people who want to make a customizable shirt, but don’t have the know-how to make the entire design.

How They Pay

They don’t.  When you design with VistaPrint, you’re designing specifically for the person you’re giving it to, or as a promotional product for a specific business.  While an exception to the rule, they make the list because of their affordable prices, and the fact that they have no shortage of promo codes.  With all the money you save, they might as well be paying you by putting cash back in your pocket.

What we love most: The pricing.