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5 Smart Shopping Ideas that Could Help You Save Money

With the cost of everything on the rise, we tend to look for some alternative ways that could help us trim our bills without sacrificing our needs. We then start to put aside some extra bills that would help us in case of emergencies. Saving money is one task that is easier to say than to do. But how would you cut down your expenses? How would you know that you really did save more?

shopping ideas

Most people, especially women love to shop. There is nothing better than finding the right and perfect things for you or for your home with only half their price on tag. Whatever they love – the fresh smell of new jeans or the fabulous shade of pink and blue stuffs – can guarantee excitement. And in most cases, they find themselves overspending for things that have a little value or things that they can’t really use for a long time.

The easiest thing to do to save our hard-earned money is by reducing the amount we spend every day. Let’s start a clean, fresh slate on our budget. There’s this stuff that we really need and there are stuffs that we just want to have. Resist your urge to spend on the things that cannot be benefited on the long run or to something that you cannot use just because you just really want to have one or just because your friends have this thing.

There are a number of great ways how to save an extra by finding the right deals for you when you shop. Train yourself to be a smart shopper and you’ll be amazed on how much money you can save. It will really help you clean the clutters on your debt!

But first, before you step out of your house, make a shopping list and bring only the cash that you need. It helps you avoid unexpected shopping spree.

Find out how to save more even when you choose to shop more with these 5 simple tips.

1. Always choose to buy things in bulk

buy things in bulk

How many times do you go to a grocery store to buy necessary things for your kitchen and bathroom? Once or twice a week? Maybe you could extend it to a much longer time frame.

Make a list of your daily trip expenses to groceries. In that way, you will know what are the things you often purchase that eats a big portion of your budget. For example, instead of buying small packs of laundry soaps, buy a large pack instead. Large quantities of kitchen products have lower prices compared to sachets.

Toothbrushes sometimes also have a buy 2 take 1 promo. Choose that instead of buying per piece since you are going to use it anyway.

Make a comparison on the size and the price, and see how much difference it could make. But always bear in mind that only purchase items that lasts for some time like soaps, cooking oils, shampoos, canned goods, etc.

2. Compare prices – and check items on the sale aisle

compare prices

Saw this one item on a store that you know you really need around the house? Don’t jump and pay the cashier right away! You might stumble on another store that offers a reasonable amount of discount or have a sale giveaway. Compare prices on different stores.
Shop and look around first. Don’t get sucked on one price tag on one store only. Check some local thrift store or online deals before you give the salesperson your credit card or money especially if that item costs a big amount.

3. Don’t be tempted by the word “SALE” on the store windows

don't be tempted by "sale"

Super-cheap items or not, don’t be tempted to buy something that you’ll never use. There’s no use to spend money on those things just because they’re on sale. If you want it but have second thoughts, just leave it first and decide whether you can use it for a long term basis. Also ask yourself how often you will use this item. Accidental buying sometimes left our garage full of new and unused clutters.

Stay out of shops especially when you’re bored and just want to hang out.

4. Find Cheap Coupons and Deals Online

discount coupons codes

There are a lot of sites that offers mega discounts on deals and coupons like CoupunSnapshot. Try to find something first that suits your needs. You can also find a lot of options and huge discounts right away. Why pay high when you can pay less and with the same great value?
If you really want to save, check every possible options you can have. First-timers on their way to saving resolution might find it difficult and hard to keep up with sales and deals. But that’s the point. Every search will help you find more options and next time when you need something, you will now have an idea where to look.

5. Learn a few extra tricks when you shop

SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS on the items purchased until you’re ready to use it. In that way, when you notice that something is wrong with your purchases, you can go back and exchange it. This is really important on personal goods like pants and clothes because when you find yourself disliking it on the end, then you can exchange it with something new.

Receipts are still valid seven days after the purchase or even longer depending on the store.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO TALK to a salesperson regarding their items and merchandise and try if you can still bargain some discount. If you think their merchandise is flawed or cheaper elsewhere, then speak up. Some stores have salespersons that have the right to give a minimal discount cost right away. What’s the harm on asking questions anyway?

If love the store so much, then try to KNOW THEIR SALE CALENDAR PLAN so you’ll know when they’re going to do a huge sale markdowns. Some stores offers discount up to 70%. Big savings!

From Lists to Actions

Let’s put this list on action. Make a list on your shopping trips – may it be on groceries or for personal needs. List down and estimate how much you are spending on your current approach for a month. Then also make a list when you try to cut down your expenses by buying things in bulk and choosing items with discounts.

You might say that these can be a little change only but when you tried to put it together, you’ll be surprised that those little changes can help you save more. This is tricky and others might give up already before they begin to cut half their expenses.

It’s not really that hard to save money; you just need to put these ideas into actions. Try to save a few coins everyday or every week. I’ve done this before and I never thought that I could save more than what I’ve expected.
Like most any shoppers, I am also very keen in choosing the right items for our house and for my family. Money is one of our resources that is so hard to find so you’d better make the most out of it.

Being a smart shopper can help you save more even when you shop more.

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