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Spooky Decorations To Help Spruce Up Your Halloween Party

Halloween is just around the corner which means you are hopefully ready for that fun yet spooky Halloween party! Do you have your decorations set up and ready to go? Need to add a little more “spookiness” to your party? If so, I have some great decorations that will give your Halloween party that extra spooky factor.

The Spider Portrait


Creepy right? What’s makes this Spider Portrait from Spirit Halloween even more creepier is that the spider will actually move around the portrait in a circular direction and if that’s not bad enough the portrait has a few sayings to go with. It’s motion detected so when your guests get near the portrait the spider will move around and then they’ll hear a voice of a little girl who seems to be afraid of the spider. Yep, that’s creepy!

Jason Window Decal


This window decal of Jason from Costume Craze may not look a bit scary now, but imagine walking past a house at night when it’s dark and glancing over to see this at the window. That might creep me out just a little!

Lighted Reapers


Forget the three goblins, check out these three reapers. These reapers will add an additional spookiness to the yard because at night your visitors or those passing by will see their red eyes glowing.

Spooky Skull Talking Doorbell

spookyskulltalkingdoorbellsiloimageWhile this skull doorbell from Big Lots may not look too spooky, he does have some cool effects that can give a little scare to some in the dark. Your guests will get a bit of a fright when they press the doorbell’s button because this skull will release a hidden spike and will say three haunting phrases to help the fright effect.

Animated Swinging Doll


There’s always that one Halloween movie that comes out with the decrepit dolls that move on their own in their own creepy fashion or a movie that includes haunted children. Those movies are spooky. Now you can have that very own doll that’s animated and will swing on it’s own to give your guests that feeling that someone, or something, very creepy is watching them, especially has her head moves from side to side when someone is near. Available at Halloween Express, it’s definitely a prop that you need for a great chill factor.