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5 Stores That Have You Covered for Fall Fashion Ideas

Pantone has set the colors of focus for the fall of 2016. Several are muted blues and bluish gray tones. A mustard color, vibrant green and punchy purple hue add contrast to the otherwise dark palette. Retailers pay close attention to color and style trends. These five retailers have honed in on fall fashion trends and have some of the best selections available.


Kohl’s has their own take on fitting in with fashion trends. Not only is their fall collection synonymous with the trending fall color palette, their selections also follow suit. For example, silhouette sweaters are in this fall, and Kohl’s has a great selection of them and the ever-trending leggings for fall to make a complete outfit.

The overall look this fall is free moving. Skirts with flow and tops that leave you a little extra room fit the fashion trend perfectly.


Nordstrom is one retailer where you can complete your fall wardrobe all the way down to shoes and accessories. You can find peacock hues that match well with the vibrant green chosen for a trending fall color. It also pairs well with punchy purples and mustard yellows to create contrast. Layering is also in this fall, and here you can find lightweight options to create comfortable layers.


Ross is an affordable retailer that always has the latest trending colors, like dusty blue tones, and trending items available. You can find a great pair of jeans with a perfect sweater in the right fall color for you. One of the benefits of Ross is that the whole family can shop here and not break the bank trying to stay trendy from season-to-season.


Old Navy

Old Navy pays attention to trends in two ways, style, and color. Shirt jackets and swing tank tops are popular for women this fall. Drapery ponchos and textured pullovers are also in this fall. Old Navy also has men’s fleece tops that play into the fall fashion trends in 2016 too. You can dress the whole family for the fall trends here.

You can create a unique look for yourself by grabbing a button-down shirt in a trending color over a simple top in a muted trending color for contrast. Layering your outfits is ideal for staying warm or adjusting your own personal level of comfort as the day goes on.

Nieman Marcus

With free-moving skirts, rich berry toned options, and high-shine metallic; you’ll be ready to make a statement with your fall fashion choices. Floral prints in fall colors on shoes make a statement and you are likely to find a handbag that matches your shoes and the current trends.

Nieman Marcus also has makeup that matches the color trends of this fall, with muted/dusty blues and rusty red/copper tones.


Closing Thoughts

When purchasing clothing items specifically for a trend make sure to purchase a few interchangeable items so that you can have some variety in your wardrobe. These interchangeable fashions should be able to be work with other trending colors and accessories to create a new look. Seek out discounts whenever possible to help reduce the cost of staying trendy from season to season.