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5 Things You Should Not Buy This Labor Day Weekend

I know you are probably seeing some amazing deals this Labor Day weekend, but there are some deals you need to steer clear of. When shopping, avoid buying new fall apparel as well as holiday merchandise. These items are not likely to be discounted as they are in high demand. If you are looking for true deals, you need to shop for summer related products that retailers are looking to clear out. You are sure to find prices slashed on items like grills, patio furniture, lawn mowers, BBQ accessories, bathing suits, summer apparel and summer toys. Below you will find items you should wait to purchase.


Even though you will find retailers like Walmart offering deals on TV’s, you should hold off unless it is a dire need. Many of the TV’s that are discounted are old stock and not 4K Ultra HD. If you don’t mind not having the latest technology, you could find a great deal. If you want the latest technology, you are better waiting until Black Friday to score the biggest savings.

Camping Equipment

When you think seasonal items, you might equate camping gear with summer, but it is actually still a strong seller into the next few months. While you may find some discounts at retailers like Target, the best sales will not happen until October. So, if you wait, you can reap the reward of discounts of 60% or greater on tents, sleeping bags, and camping gear.


Hold off on purchasing electronics like laptops and tablets, as you will not find the lowest prices of the year until November during Black Friday Sales. If you need to purchase a laptop, and cannot wait, you are likely to find your best deal at stores like Best Buy.

Fall Apparel

I know the weather has turned cold fast in many parts of the country, and the allure of pulling on a new fall sweater and sipping a pumpkin latte is very enticing. However, you are best to wait a few weeks to purchase new fall apparel. Once retailers get in their winter clothing collections, you will find those cozy fall sweaters on sale.


You may see new toys for sale at major retailers, but they will not be discounted until November and December. Toys R Us will be offering the biggest toy discounts during their Black Friday Sales and extending them through the holiday season. Unless your child must have that sought-after toy, avoid buying toys for a couple of months to get the lowest prices.