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5 Tips for Getting the Most from Labor Day Sales

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Over the Labor Day holiday, many retailers offer special promotions. It is a good time to purchase new linens, appliances, and home improvement items. Clothing and department store retailers often have end of summer sales, fall preview sales, or special pricing on unpopular merchandise. When you need to do a bit of upgrading to your décor and wardrobe, Labor Day sales can help you save a lot of money.

Make a List

It is important to make a list of items that are in dire need of replacing in your home, which can include clothing items. This helps you control your spending and create a reasonable budget. From this rough list, create a priority list. The items on the priority side of the list should be considered necessities.


Research and Compare

Research which retailers close to you, such as JCPenney, Walmart, Target, or Sears, have sales on the same items. View the retail price and the sale price; decide which option is better for you based upon your location to the store.

While comparing and researching, take the time to see which retailers you can get multiple items from. If you need clothes, linens and some décor for your home, compare stores like Ross, Target, and Walmart for the best deals.

Email Subscribe

If you have seen Labor Day preview advertisements for some of your favorite retailers like Dillards, Macy’s, or Urban Outfitters Canada and they offer a special additional savings or promotion for subscribers (or reward’s club members), sign up quick. You may receive an email offering you additional savings.

For online shoppers, you may be able to get an extra discount for being an email subscriber and ordering online. Retailers like Lane Bryant and Torrid send promotional and pre-sale promotions for clothing and accessories often.


Additional Coupons

You may be able to use a source like Promo Pro to find additional savings or coupons to use in an online shopping cart for additional savings. Always seek out opportunities for extra savings. The more additional coupons you can find the better.

Online Labor Day Deals

When shopping online, always check to see if free shipping is included. If it is not, are the items on your list enough to qualify for their standard free shipping amount? If not, you then have to consider the cost of shipping and if there is a better deal available locally. When you shop online, always read the fine print. Your $5 item may cost you double that to have it shipped.


It helps to follow a local blogger whose niche is based around lifestyle, frugal living, or fashion. Bloggers often share deals and show you how to use them to receive the maximum amount of savings. Don’t forget about apps like Ibotta and Receipt Hog because accumulating savings throughout the year can help increase your Labor Day sale budget. Rewards or cash back options can be saved from Labor Day purchases for stocking stuffer items at Christmas time.