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5 Tips to Help Prepare for a Vacation with Kids

Taking a vacation with kids might sound exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be – if you start out prepared! We all know how much work goes into preparing for a vacation anyway, but with kids, it requires a different kind of effort.


Here are my tips to help you successfully prepare for a vacation with kids:

  1. Do your Research. Know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Make sure the hotel where you are staying is kid friendly. Be sure there are plenty of activities for the kids to do. If you are staying near a place like Rock City, there is plenty of research that can be done to make sure you see all of the attractions and activities available to you.
  2. Search for Deals. PromosPro is the best place to start looking for deals. They have deals for every part of your trip. Need a rental car? Get a deal on a Hertz rental car. Need a resort? They’ve got those too. You can save so much money by starting your trip with PromosPro.
  3. Talk to Your Kids. Get your kids excited about where you’re going. Read to them about the place where you will be staying. Show them pictures of what’s in store. If they see your excitement, they’ll be excited too.
  4. Download Apps. In today’s age of technology, there are apps for everything! Apps often have coupons, inside tips, and more information than you can find anywhere else. With a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to an inside experience like no other. If you know you’ll be taking a long road trip or in the air for a long time, make sure you download educational games for your kids to keep them occupied and happy.
  5. Don’t Over Plan Your Trip. I know, I know. Kids need routines, and schedules make life easy. BUT, when you are traveling with kids, meltdowns are inevitable. Your child will fall asleep at the exact moment you wanted them to be awake. If you try to plan every minute of every day, you are going to be miserable, your kids are going to be miserable, and then everyone around you is going to be miserable. Have some kind of plan in mind, but don’t let it be written in stone. Be willing to change plans and try something different.

Planning a trip with kids can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Just follow these five tips, and set off on a trip where you’ll make memories to last a lifetime!

family vacationHow do you plan for a vacation with kids? I’d love to hear your tips!