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5 Travel Hacks to Help You Save Big This Spring Break


With the weather getting warmer, humans are starting to come out of their caves and get ready for some exciting trips.  Spring break is coming up, and people will be heading to all kinds of destinations for a good time. Whether you’re a family or young friends in search of some fun, there’s a good chance you’re probably in search of some savings, too.

These travel hacks will help you save time and money on Spring Break, so you’ll have much more to enjoy yourself!

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1. CLEAR Membership

CLEAR is transforming the airport experience by helping you get through to your gate without the hassle of security. No more waiting on long lines or getting all disheveled taking off your shoes and digging out the loose coins from your pocket. A CLEAR membership allows you to easily pass through, so going to the airport doesn’t need to be stressful. Now, you can save $30 on your annual membership, or try the first three months free! Get to your Spring Break destination in a breeze.

2. Student Universe Discounts

If you’re a student who has been working extra hard for Spring Break, then you deserve extra savings. One of the best travel hacks out there for students in Student Universe. This site offers discounted fares on everything from flights to hotels, to entire packages. Now, you can book your Spring Break trip without worry and save up to $50 off on the purchase of your ticket!


3. Skip the Hotel for an Airbnb

Most people are already familiar with Airbnb, but if you aren’t yet, know that it’s a great alternative to a hotel. You can stay with locals and get a more intimate experience in the city or destination you’re visiting. Best of all, Airbnbs often come with whole kitchens to use, so you can save money on food while you travel. Sometimes, an Airbnb can be cheaper than a hotel, too! Book your first trip at $40 off!

4. Have Your Trip Pre-Planned at Cheap Caribbean

When it comes to Spring Break, you don’t have time to plan every little detail. At best, you have a few days off and need to make the most of that time. Thankfully, is here to save the day! With all-inclusive resort packages leaving from nearly every city in the U.S., this travel hack will have you at the beach in no time! If it’s your first time using Cheap Caribbean, you can save $100 off your trip! Not to mention all the other savings!

5. WallyPark Airport Parking

Don’t have anyone that can drive you to and from the airport? You’ve probably dropped the idea of parking your car there since you know how expensive it is. But, what if it doesn’t have to be pricey? WallyPark helps make parking at the airport easy and affordable. Just park, and they’ll shuttle you over to your terminal, while they take care good care of your car during your vacation. Now, if you book two days or more, you can get 10% off, or depending on your airport, up to 50% off!

Don’t miss out on Spring Break festivities just because it’s too expensive! Save on your trip with these travel hacks.