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5 Tricks to “Go Green” this Halloween

I’ve shown you lots of fun ways to get creative this Halloween, but what if you want to be a little more conscious of the carbon footprint you are leaving on the earth? Today, I want to share with you ways to keep your Halloween a little “greener” – or earth friendly, if you will.

  • Make your own costume. Using clothes you already have on hand, or repurposing items to be used as part of a costume is a great way to make your Halloween a little greener. Skipping the cheaply made plastic costume that’s full of chemicals is probably one of the best ideas. If you’ve already got a stash of dress up costumes, consider reusing one of them or check in your area to see if there’s a National Costume Swap Day event near you.
  • Reusable Treat Bags. Using the same treat bag for trick or treating every year can help keep down cost and waste every year. Customizing an old pillowcase is a fun way to hold lots of candy and make each bag unique to your child.


  • Farmer’s Market Decorations. By stocking up on decorations like pumpkins, gourds, and other biodegradable items, you’ll be able to support your local farmers, give your look extra impact with natural items, all while you celebrate the harvest.


  • If Trick-or-Treating Requires a Car, Skip it! Why not hold a fun Halloween party at home instead? Dim the lights for spooky ambiance, light up some soy candles, (check out the promo codes for Bed Bath and Beyond to find some gorgeous soy candles), bob for apples, tell scary ghost stories, and consider making Halloween crafts from recycled paper. You could even watch horror movies that have an environmental twist. Ever seen a movie featuring killer vegetation? They’re out there! And make sure that if you do bob for apples, you buy them from your local Farmer’s Market while you’re picking up other decor. There’s lots of fun to have that doesn’t require wasting a ton of energy.


  • Solar-powered Lights. If you do opt to go trick-or-treating and you can walk the route, consider taking solar-powered lamps or shake torches while you’re out prowling the neighborhood for candy. offers tons of great items you’ll need to “go green,” and with these Lazada promo codes, you’ll save even more green!

It’s not hard to go green for Halloween. I hope these fun and easy tricks help you celebrate the day in a way you’ll never forget.