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5 Ways To Have A Fun and Memorable Family Staycation This Summer

If you are crunched for time or money this summer and are feeling bad that you won’t be able to go away on a family vacation, I have good news. Just because you can’t jet off for a week or two away, doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome family staycation in your own backyard. There are lots of ways you can have fun and create great memories without going away. Let’s explore some great ideas to make your next summer staycation amazing!

Visit Nearby Attractions

Not spending money on airfare or gas for a long journey, you can do something fun nearby that you might have not considered. Do you have any state parks nearby? What about a day trip to a great water park or theme park? One day is enough to have loads of fun and you can still wake up and sleep in your own bed. 

Bargain Fun

Get something fun for your yard or recreation room. Scan Craigslist or Let It Go and see if someone is selling something that you can use to make your summer at home more fun. Maybe it is a large inflatable with water slides or a projector to show movies outside. It could be a basketball goal or trampoline. You never know what bargain you might run across. 

Have a Backyard Camp Out

Camping out in your own yard can be a blast! Pitch a tent and put away the mobile devices so you can connect as a family. Spend time talking around the campfire making s’mores, telling ghost stories and making memories. At night try to find as many different star constellations as you can.

Cook your dinner outside, roasting hot dogs, baked potatoes and grilled cheese sandwiches. You might think I am crazy suggesting grilled cheese sandwiches but with the Cast Iron Square Pie Iron from Rome Industries, you can make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches on any campfire or backyard fire pit.

When dinner is over pop up some popcorn in the Big Bowl Popcorn Popper also from Rome Industries. You can find these nifty gadgets and much more like waffle and panini makers at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Go on a Family Hike

Get out and have fun exploring with a family hike. I bet there are nearby places to hike you may not have even known existed. A little Googling will probably bring up a list of recommended hiking trails in your area. You might even find waterfalls and hidden swimming holes to explore. A day getting up close and personal with nature is a day well spent.

Have Some Old Fashioned Fun

Make a tire or rope swing, play a game of stick ball, kick ball or horseshoes. Your kids will probably have the best time ever!  At night, play a game of flashlight tag or catch fireflies. Sometimes it is the simplest things that are the most fun. Making fun summer memories doesn’t need to cost a lot of money.