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5 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Thanksgiving Preparations

This year ask your children to assist with Thanksgiving preparations. If your children are old enough to stand on a stool beside the counter then they are old enough to help out. Let them help you decorate, give thanks, prepare dinner and even serve dessert. Here are a few fun ways to incorporate your children into the holiday preparations.

Set the Mood


Search for books about Thanksgiving on Amazon. Talk about the meaning of the holiday, how we came to celebrate it and how it applies to our lives nearly four hundred years later. Discuss gratitude and gratefulness and ask your children what it means to give thanks for something.



You can find thousands of kid friendly decorating ideas on Pinterest or through a simple Google search. Your children can construct hand-print turkeys, glittery leaf garland or feathered turkey wreaths. If you can’t channel your inner Martha Stewart then take the natural approach to decorations. Ask your kids to search for colorful leaves from the yard and place them in clear glass bowls on your dining room table.

Give Thanks

Cut out yellow, red and orange leaves and place them in a stack on your child’s night table or dresser. Every evening ask your child to tell you one thing that makes them feel grateful. Write down their thoughts and place them in a mason jar beside your kitchen window. As the month progresses watch the pile of leaves grow higher and higher. On Thanksgiving Day read the notes aloud together.

Prepare Dinner


Ask your children to help with Thanksgiving dinner preparations. Pick an easy side dish, mashed potatoes is always a good choice, and ask your kids to help measure the ingredients, peel the potatoes and turn on the kitchen aid mixer. If you plan to make a pie ask your child to help roll out the piecrust or mix the ingredients needed for the filling. Provide a little extra time for this step, as it always takes longer to cook and bake with children.

Serve the Meal


Involve your child in setting the table. Let her set out the dishes for each family member and ask her to create a special little place card to put in the middle of each plate. If your child is old enough ask her to pour drinks before dinner is served. You can also ask her to slice pie, dollop whipped cream or serve dessert.

Your children can assist with Thanksgiving preparations in a variety of different ways. Choose one of the ideas above or simply ask your child how they would like to help out.