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5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Summer

September is just a few short days away and I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little sad when the time comes to pack up the summer toys and rinse out the sand for the final time this season. How about one last celebration before we put away the swimsuits, goggles and beach towels? How can we squeeze in just a little more excitement before the summer season officially ends? As August quietly slips away let’s say goodbye to summer and celebrate the end of the season with a few fun suggestions the whole family will love.

Taste the Best Foods Summer has to Offer


Summer is synonymous with fresh peaches, popsicles and ice cream. In some areas it’s also best known for steamed crabs and lobster rolls. Before the summer ends make sure to have one last round of tasty summer treats. Do you have a favorite snow cone stand you like to frequent? Do you enjoy barbecued chicken and grilled cheeseburgers or love the taste of carnival foods like corn-dogs and cotton candy? Before the long days end set a course for the best picnic spot in your area and enjoy your summer favorites one last time.

Spend the Evening Outdoors


Take your kids outside early in the evening and tell them they can stay out until it gets dark. Take a long bike ride together; go for an extended walk through the neighborhood or hike in a nearby park. Take the time to savor the smells of summer and to feel the warm air. When dusk settles begin the search for fireflies. See who can catch the most or count how many stay in your hand after you catch them. When darkness falls drop logs on the fire pit, find a bunch of sticks and skewer up those bright, white marshmallows for an old fashioned night of chocolaty s’mores.

Find a Little Quiet Time


While the children might love running through sprinklers and throwing water balloons, most adults just want a little quiet time in the warm, summer breeze. Make a quiet sanctuary in your own backyard by ordering a comfy hammock from REI or lay out a long, fluffy beach towel and take a nap outside. If napping outdoors isn’t your thing then find a special spot to take a book and a glass of lemonade. The key is to enjoy the quiet, feel the warmth and hopefully relax before fall begins.

Host a BBQ

paper lantern

Before the kids head back-to-school gather neighbors, friends and family members for an end-of-summer BBQ. Labor Day weekend is a perfect time to celebrate. Decorate your patio with sparkling lights and brightly colored paper lanterns. Check out the selection available from Oriental Trading. Drape some along the branches of low hanging trees in your backyard. Place a few Tiki torches around the perimeter of your backyard and a couple of small candles on the table so the party can continue long after the sun goes down.



After the children take their baths and put on their pajamas ask them to describe their favorite summer memories. Did they love boogie boarding in the ocean, swimming in their grandparents’ pool or spitting watermelon seeds off the back porch? Did they discover a new ice cream flavor, perfect their cannonballs or learn to dive for the very first time? Write down their favorite activities so they can relive the joy of those moments, realize how much fun they had and help solidify the memory while they wait for summer to return.