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5 Ways We Make Halloween Awesome Around Here

Halloween is a fun time for family and friends. There are so many different ways to make holidays like Halloween extra special. From decorating the house for the fall season to picking out your costume, here are 5 ways we make Halloween awesome around here.
#1. Have a decorating family day.

Decorating for the fall season and Halloween can be great family projects. Getting the kids involved with the different holiday decorating during the year, is a great way to make happy memories. Decorating for fall and Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive. Shopping at your local dollar store you can find colorful leaf garlands, spider webs and ghoulish monsters. Big Lots always carries a variety of awesome decorations.


#2. Go costume hunting at a thrift store.

Another way to save money and still have fun is to go costume hunting at your local thrift store or second hand shop. Knowing ahead of time what you are looking for is always helpful. You can find parts that you need for your costume or find actual costumes that are still in good condition.

#3. Prepare for a Halloween costume party together.

Planning and preparing your Halloween costume party together is a great experience. Decide what foods you want to serve and have the kids help getting everything ready. Pick out your Halloween theme decorations for the house and having everyone help get the place ready for a spooky Halloween costume party.

#4. Watch family friendly scary movies together.

Watching family friendly scary movies is an entertaining way to spend time together. Kids love being scared watching movies, but it’s best not to watch movies that will give them nightmares. Pick movies that are appropriate for the age of your kids. Check out the great selection of movies at Walmart.


#5. Pass out treats or go trick-or-treating together.

Pass out treats or go trick-or-treating together. If you have younger kids, trick-or-treating together is lots of fun. If you have older kids, then passing out candy is a great Halloween pastime. It’s a lot of fun to see the kids dressed up in their costumes and having a great time with their families.

Whether you have younger kids or your kids are older, there are many different ways to make Halloween awesome. Decorating the house together, picking out costumes, preparing your Halloween costume party, and trick-or-treating together are all great ways to spend quality time with your family. Anything you do together as a family to have fun and get everyone involved makes your Halloween awesome and memorable.