50 Ideas for a Family Staycation with Tweens

blow bubbles

Vacations are great but there are times when you simply don’t have the budget or time to get away from home. For those times, I’ve compiled a list of 50 activities that you may be able to do with your family at home for a staycation with tweens.


  1. Purchase a jigsaw puzzle and unplug as a family as you work together to put it together.
  2. Camp out in your backyard and if that’s not possible, camp out in your living room and cook S’mores in the microwave.
  3. Play tourist in your own town and visit someplace you’ve never been before.
  4. Volunteer to go grocery shopping for an elderly friend or family member, a young mom with babysitting, or a new neighbor with a home cooked meal.
  5. Plan a spa day for the family at home and wear face masks and do your nails. (Optional for the menfolk)
  6. Rent a family movie on VUDU and curl up on the couch together and eat popcorn while you watch it. Save 20% with our coupon code.
  7. Plan an international day and prepare an ethnic meal together that you’ve never tried.
  8. Go shopping at your local thrift store for fun outfits and play dress up.
  9. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  10. Rent a fun rental car (we can save you up to 25% off the cost) and take a road trip around town.
  11. Go to a program at your local library.
  12. While at the library, select a great book to read as a read aloud.
  13. Create an ice cream Sundae Bar and invite family friends over to enjoy it with you.
  14. Spend an afternoon playing board games.
  15. Pretend you’re an artist and paint a canvas together. You’ll find plenty of easy ideas on Pinterest.
  16. Buy coloring books and color together.
  17. Learn a new skill as a family.
  18. Take a hike but before you do, make sure you have the right equipment.
  19. Go on a picnic.
  20. Adopt a pet from the local animal shelter and then go shopping at PetSmart and save up to 30% on the things you need to care for them.
  21. Go for a bike ride.
  22. Play in the rain.
  23. Find all the spare change you have in the house, cash it in, and use the money to buy socks, underwear, and necessities for those in need at your local homeless shelter.
  24. Go fishing.
  25. Challenge each other to a friendly game of chess.
  26. Learn to play disc golf.
  27. Play Xbox as a family.
  28. Take goofy family selfies.
  29. Make cards for those in the military.
  30. Make easy no-sew fleece blankets in fun patterns for children in the children’s hospital.
  31. Spring clean your house and find things for a garage sale.
  32. Have a pizza party.
  33. If the weather is nice, visit your local pool.
  34. Plan a field trip to a local factory or museum.
  35. Buy crazy accessories at your local dollar store, make a photo booth and get crazy. Have your photos developed at Walmart Photo for as low as 15 cents each with our coupon code.
  36. Set up a lemonade stand.
  37. Go outside and blow bubbles.
  38. Go to a matinee performance at a local theater.
  39. Make a family newspaper and send it to extended family. Use some of your crazy family selfies in the paper.
  40. Record your own music video.
  41. Eat pancakes for dinner.
  42. Start a family Instagram account to chronicle the fun you have on your staycation. Create your own hashtag.
  43. Visit an antique store and explain to your kids what everything is.
  44. Climb a tree.
  45. Write letters to grandparent’s or shut-ins from church and hand deliver them if possible.
  46. Build a birdhouse and then go birdwatching.
  47. Go bowling.
  48. Buy squirt guns and run around outside shooting each other.
  49. Take turns letting everyone in the family plan a day of the staycation.
  50. Plan a family vacation.

Staycation ideas for families with tweens

What ideas do you have for a family staycation with tweens?