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6 Affordable Gifts for Coffee Lovers

The most wonderful time of the year is well on its way, folks. Already there are singing Santas and Christmas trees lining the aisles of our drug stores. While it may feel like an offense to the holidays that have yet to come between now and December 25, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. A little preparation now can save you from using that entire last paycheck from the final two weeks of December to buy gifts, leaving with you with nothing to pay bills come January 1. Spreading your purchases out will ultimately help your budget.

To help you wake up to the holiday shopping season, today we have a fantastic list of affordable gifts from Amazon for those caffeinated coffee lovers on your list.

Nightmare Before Coffee Tee


We’ve all been there. Before you get your coffee fix, there better not be anyone looking for small talk, help with a bowl of cereal or any other task that requires mental energy. This fun play on the Tim Burton flick is the perfect gift for that person that you just don’t bother before they’ve had their morning dose of caffeine.

Caffeine Molecule Necklace


Speaking of caffeine, did you know this is what it looks like? At least at the molecular level. Available in both gold and silver tone, we don’t just love the pendant—we love the delicate 17” chain that comes along with it, too. Cute jewelry for under $20 is always a win.

Mugs and Stand


Who wants to fumble through the kitchen cabinet for a mug before they’ve fully woken up? This stand, with six accompanying mugs, makes displaying your favorites easy, and finding them when you’re half awake even easier.

KitchenAid Coffee Grinder


Have a fancy coffee drinker on your hands? You know the kind. They wouldn’t dare touch arabica. They buy their beans exclusively at that new shop that turned up in the hipster part of town eight months ago. They can tell you why the aroma, the makeup of the soil and the overall climate makes their coffee superior. Get them a gift they’ll love—-a grinder to make those fancy beans edible. This one from KitchenAid is quality, and may even be cheaper than getting them a bag of their favorite beans.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker


After they’ve ground those beans, they’ll love using this AeroPress Espresso maker. It can also be used for regular coffee, but we’ll see if they don’t get tempted to get fancy. This one is efficient but also relatively compact, so they’ll even be able to take it with them on their travels or in to work.

Hero Donations Stainless Steel Tumbler


Perfect for the morning commute, Hero Donation’s stainless steel tumbler is double insulated, keeping coffee and other warm drinks warm for up to eight hours. Because of the dual insulation it’s not going to get hot to the touch on the outside. (This also means that when you use it for cool drinks you won’t get any condensation.) The spill-proof lid is icing on the cake—no spills in the car on the way to work!