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6 Delightfully Scary New Movies for Halloween

Some people go out and trick-or-treat with their kids on Halloween. Some people go out and party in awesomely adult Halloween costumes. (Please line up and Uber or Lyft if you do. Drunk driving death rates are very high during this holiday. We want to see you and everyone on the road that night make it home safe.)

Still others curl up on their couch with someone who’s okay with them digging their fingernails into their forearm as they watch scary movies. This post is for that last group. Pop the popcorn and queue up Vudu, where you can access these six new, scary movies that have come out in the past year.



Baskin is a unique film to say the least, and isn’t for the faint of heart. This Turkish flick follows four cops as they unexpectedly find themselves facing the bowels of Hell and all its tortures. Sacrificial rituals? Baskin has it. Creeps trying to sneak out of Hell’s front door? They’re there. Torture that would make Dante cringe? Absolutely.

American Horror Story: Season 6


Not a movie, but don’t worry about that little triviality. There’s a reason American Horror Story has come back and back again year after year. Beautifully executed, this year’s season, My Roanoke Nightmare, is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a horror rendition of what happened to America’s famed lost colony.

If you miss an episode, you can download each one on Vudu, or if you don’t have cable, you can download them all. Bonus points go to you for being super frugal!

The Funhouse Massacre


If you’re one of those people that can likes to laugh while watching your horror movies, be sure to check out The Funhouse Massacre. The blend of comedy and horror comes at you a la Evil Dead-style as a bunch of the baddest asylum escapees you’ve ever seen unleash terror at a local haunted house. Which is a legitimate fear of mine everytime I visit one of those things.

The Invitation


More psychological thriller than straight horror, The Invitation will still make you jump out of your seat. Follow along as it explores broken relationships, paranoia, distrust and, ultimately, terror—all over a dinner party.

10 Cloverfield Lane


This movie is so hard to talk about. It comes with a twist that just shouldn’t be revealed, but also isn’t worth missing. If you’re a fan of John Goodman, character development, the creators of arguably the first film with viral marketing ever (Cloverfield) or good writing, you’ll want to sit yourself on the couch and watch this one closely. That’s a major reason we’re recommending Vudu—this isn’t one you’ll want to set up for Netflix and chill.

The Green Room


Also verging more towards the side of psychological thriller, The Green Room is for those who can stomach gore. An aspiring band gets unexpectedly thrown into the throes of a club owner’s sick plans, and you find yourself wanting for them to come out the other end okay, unlike a lot of other comparatively cheezy horror flicks.