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6 Easy and Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas

I love fall. The cool temperatures. The colors. The smells. I love all that fall offers. Maybe that’s one reason that I love to decorate for fall more than any other season. And decorating for fall can be so easy and inexpensive. Here are a few of my best tips.
Place sunflowers in mason jars for an easy fall look.
Easy Fall Indoor Decorating Ideas

Use what you have.

Before you make any purchases, dig through our cabinets and boxes to see if you have any items on hand that you could use in your decorating. Do you have a basket, milk glass, enamel or crystal glassware collection? Use what you already own.

Buy Burlap.

Burlap is a great way to add a new look to your home and it’s pretty inexpensive. You can buy a roll of burlap for only a few dollars at Walmart and you can use it liberally and it can still look nice. Visit your local arts and crafts store and buy 12” wide burlap by the yard. I always purchase about 5 yards, and in varying widths. Use the burlap as a no fuss table, mantle or bookshelf runner. You can add thinner fabric on top for a layered look, or leave it as is.

Cut your burlap into 12” pieces for easy placemats. You can easily monogram the placemats with acrylic craft paint, or use a Sharpie marker with letter stencils for a personal touch.

Decorate for fall with pumpkins, pinecones and gourds.

Buy sunflowers and pumpkins.

These are easy to set around your home to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Display the sunflowers in old mason jars with a burlap ribbon for a nice touch. If you don’t have any mason jars, you can save your old spaghetti or pickle jars for a similar look. Decorate the jars with burlap ribbon and scraps of lace or leave them plain.

Use those mason jars.

This goes along with buying flowers and pumpkins. Mason jars are big in the decorating realm. Put coffee beans in the bottom of the jars with a tea light candle holder on top and group them together. Not only does this display look nice, it smells nice too.

Collect twigs, pinecones and acorns.

Collect twigs from the yard, spray paint them gold and display in a painted mason jar. As an alternative, you can collect pinecones and acorns and spray them gold or leave them natural to display in glass or wooden bowls for fall. You can also add cinnamon sticks to the bowl for added texture and for a fall scent.

decorate with candles for fall

Dig out your candles.

Create a display of candles using burlap and twine. If you use a variety of white candles in various sizes you can swap out the ribbon to display them at other times of the year. A super easy look is to place 5-6 taper candles in a jar and wrap the jar with burlap ribbon or twine. You can also add pumpkins and gourds to the display for a more festive look.

These easy ideas can really pack a big punch when it comes to decorating your home for fall and you’ll find these items and more at Walmart.