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6 Fun-Filled Water Toys for Under $20

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I’m always amazed when I go shopping for toys for my kids.  Things I remember my parents turning down as a child because they were legitimately too expensive are ridiculously cheap now.  My latest experience with this was walking the aisles of Walmart.  One of those end-cap displays caught my eye.  It was full of outdoor water toys for kids, and every single one of them was under $20.

Part of this is inevitably because it’s late into the summer season, but the other part is that these things just cost less than they did twenty-some-odd years ago.  These six fantastic water toys are sure to give your kids hours of giggling enjoyment, and you won’t have to fork over more than one twenty dollar bill.  (Before you shop, be sure to check out these codes that will save you even more money!)

Banzai Wigglin’ Water Sprinkler

For $9.97, you can get this water sprinkler with a twist.  Instead of rotating back and forth like the traditional sprinkler, the Banzai Wigglin’ sprinkler is stationary with tens of wiggling arms that move every which way while spraying water 12 inches or further.

Wham-O Slip ‘N Slide for Three Racers

What’s more fun than a slip ‘n slide?  A slip ‘n slide you can have races on!  This version of the popular summer activity has three lanes and three inflatable boogie boards so that everyone can play at the same time, and get a little competitive if they wish.  At the end of the course, there is an inflatable bumper to keep everyone safe.  There is also a fountain spraying out water at the finish line.  It is currently $19.88 at Walmart.

Beach Ball Sprinkler

This Little Tikes innovation is exactly what it sounds like:  a beach ball that serves as a sprinkler.  With an 88” circumference, it can be used either as a normal beach ball, or you can hook it up to a hose to turn it into a stationary sprinkler.  They are currently going for only $12.88.

Water Warriors Outlaw Air Pressure Water Blaster

Something else that’s changed since I was a kid is that we wouldn’t have hesitated to call these water guns.  A rose is a rose by any other name, though, and water blaster fights are an incredibly fun way for kids to beat the heat of hot summer days no matter what you call them.  These five-star rated water blasters will only run you $5.93/each, so you can buy enough for everyone to join in on the fun.

Swim Ways Spring Jam Basketball Set

Buying a basketball hoop and ball for the pool: $13.59.  Becoming the coolest mom on the block: priceless.

POOF Dive Pets Sink and Find Pool Toys

When I was a kid, we had pool rings that you could throw into the bottom of the pool and play fetch with.  Today, there’s super cute, sinkable water animal toys that serve the same purpose.  For $9.52, you get two clams, a shark, a crab, and hours of fun for the kids.