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6 Games That Will Keep Kids Entertained on the Road

As you pack your car, hit the open road and head out for your summer vacation do you want to avoid the dreaded question, “How long until we get there?” If you have an entertainment system in your vehicle then you might be able to set aside a few DVDs and let your children zone out until they reach your selected destination. If not you may want to look for a few easy ways to keep them happy and entertained in the backseat of your car. Here are a few fun travel games guaranteed to help pass the time.

Travel Checkers

Checkers is a strategic game that can be played by children as young as five. The pieces on a standard checker board would slid all over the place in a moving vehicle, so search for magnetic checkers that allow the pieces to remain in place no matter how many curvy roads you encounter. The Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere version of Checkers comes in a 6 ¾’’ square tin case that ensures all of the pieces remain together, so you can play the game in the car, a restaurant or anywhere you stop along the way.

Travel Hangman

Many parents want to keep their children’s minds engaged and learning throughout the summer months. This summer help your children build their vocabulary and spelling skills all while passing the time in the backseat of your car. In this magnetic version of Hangman one player thinks up a word and puts the number of blank magnetic tiles on the board to start. The other player begins guessing letters that might exist in that word. If they are correct the appropriate letter replaces the blank tile. If they are wrong body parts are added to the cowboy. The goal is to guess the word before the cowboy is complete. All letters and body parts are magnetic to ensure they won’t slip off.

Connect 4 Grab and Go Game

Connect 4 is one of those games that can be played over and over again. The travel version of this game features 42 checkers divided evenly into red and yellow colors. As you drop your checker in place and strive to reach four in a row horizontally, diagonally or vertically your opponent will do their best to block you. When the kids are finished playing this game it folds up to ensure none of the pieces go missing.

Magnetic White Board

A white board is the perfect tool for passing the time. Children can draw pictures, write words, work on math problems or compete in rousing games of Pictionary and Tic-Tac-Toe. A simple erasable pen and a small white board may be all you need, but if you want to provide your kids with additional options look for a white board that comes with magnets that can spark their creativity and imagination. The Lewo Wooden Kids Toys Magnetic Easel Dry Erase Board provides kids with brightly colored magnets including all sorts of shapes, animals and small characters. Children can create their own scenes and tell stories, which is sure to keep them happy and engaged.

Travel Aquadoodle

Aquadoodle provides children with the ability to draw with nothing more than an Aquadoodle pad and a water-filled pen. Children will create no-mess drawings that disappear after they dry. This is great for kids who can create elaborate pictures or those who can do little more than scribble. Unlike other games that can lose pieces this item only has two pieces: the pen and the pad. The pen doesn’t even have a cap on it! While other toys require advanced knowledge or strategy, this toy could be used to entertain the toddler crowd.

Deck of Cards

Cards are a great way to pass the time on the road. With a standard deck of cards your kids can play Go Fish or War. If you bring along a cooking tray or a small travel desk it may be possible to play a thoughtful game of Solitaire. Special cards can also be purchased for games like Old Maid, Slapjack and Crazy 8s.

The best thing about travel games is that you can take them out and play them once you reach your destination. Your kids won’t be bored when an unexpected rainstorm keeps them out of the pool or away from the ocean. You can find all of these games and many other travel options at Amazon.