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6 Healthy Back To School Products

It’s that time of the year time when your kids will be working hard in the classroom again. You need to prepare the kids to tackle the hours of homework and busy schedules. Amid all this, the exposure to whole lot of infections adds to the trouble of parents. As a parent you need to be careful and shop for healthy kids-friendly back to school products. Here are 6 back-to-school health products that as a parent you need to stock up for kids:

1、Ascenta Health Nutrasea Kids Omega-3: Omega 3 is essential for kids’ health. Nutrasea Kids is reliable fish oil that contains balanced DHA/EPA ratio. This makes it an ideal food supplement for improved mental function, heart, stronger teeth and bones and improved mood and mental state. This supplement also has GLA which is well known for childhood development. You can buy this at and enjoy 20% Off 2nd Purchase(for new customers only) + Free Shipping on orders of $25.


2、Lifeway Probugs Organic Kefir: This healthy food is quite popular with kids because of its attractive packing. This drinkable dairy product is a rich source of probiotics, calcium and inulin. These help in increasing the count of good bacteria in the digestive system and strengthen the immunity system. This is available in four flavors, sublime slime lime, Strawnana Split, Goo-Berry Pie and Orange Creamy Crawler. It is gluten free and contains half as sugar in other yogurts. You can easily buy this at


3、Vega Shake & Go Smoothie: For teens and tweens this is a tasty shake. This water-based smoothie mix is a quick breakfast snack. This shake is a rich source of probiotics, Omega 3, and fiber. This is a diet friendly option as it promises 120 calories per serving. This wholesome meal is available in four mouthwatering flavors: Almondilla, Tropical Tango, Bodacious Berry and Choc-a-lot. Check this out at


4、Kind Mini Fruit & Nut Bars: Kind Mini’s by KIND Healthy Snacks are a great healthy back-to-school product. These bars comprises of proteins, natural fiber and fats that are heart healthy. These are made of filling and wholesome ingredients and are quite filling. These are also available in four yummy flavors: KIND Almond Apricot, KIND Fruit & Nut Delight, KIND PLUS Cranberry Almond and KIND PLUS Almond Cashew. You can feed the kids guiltlessly as each bar offers less than 115 calories only. You can conveniently buy these at


5、Tom’s Wicked Fresh! Toothpaste: Do you have tough time convincing your kid to brush their teeth? Get them the Tom’s of Maine, Wicked Fresh toothpaste. The patent flavorless botanical licorice extract of the root which is combined with powerful mint oil and flavors is loved by kids. This even fights bad breath. There are two flavors to choose from Spearmint Ice or Cool Peppermint. To buy this visit


6、Dr. Ken’s All Natural Maximum Care Mouthwash: Don’t forget to add mouth wash to your back to school healthy shopping list. This mouthwash is made of the extract of green tea and known to fight cavities, bad breath, plaque and gum diseases. This is completely alcohol free so you can be relaxed! You can easily grab this as


These 6 healthy back to school list will help the mothers keep the kids safe and healthy during the next school session.

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