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6 Must Have Grilling Tools for Your Next Barbecue

That glorious time of year has arrived when you can gather up your friends, fill a tub with cold drinks, light up the grill and host a backyard barbecue. But don’t complete your invite list or stock your beer fridge just yet. First you need to check your grilling supplies and associated gear. Do you have everything on hand to throw the ultimate cookout? Of course you’ll need a grill and a fuel source (gas or charcoal), but what else might you require? Here are a few tools that will help you throw a successful backyard bash.

Grill Light

Don’t let darkness put a damper on your shindig. Do you tend to host get-togethers late in the evening? Do you start early but find that most of your parties extend long into the night? No matter the reason for staying out late you’ll still need to keep an eye on the food you’re grilling.

The Charbroil LED Grill Handle Light is the answer to late night gatherings. This little invention clamps to the handle of your grill and casts a wide light over your food. The multi-directional swivel allows you to shine a light on your side burners too. With this tool you no longer need to worry about the dark. Your party can continue long after the sun sets.

Long Tongs

If you’ve ever stepped near a grill you know those suckers run hot. Of course, no one would expect an open fire to run cold. In order to stay safe you’ll want to keep your distance while flipping those burgers and rotating those veggies. The Outset Rosewood Locking Tongs are more than twice as long as your standard kitchen set. At 23 inches in length you can reach all the way to the back of the grill without having to lean over it. You can find these and many other grilling accessories at Kohl’s.

Circular Skewers

Do you find traditional skewers extremely difficult to work with? Have you ever loaded up a set and placed them out on the grill only to realize they are so long you can’t close the lid? Have you ever tried to rotate the skewer only to find that the veggies and meat spin back around to the same side they were previously resting on? If you’ve struggled with either of these problems then check out the Circular Kabob Skewers sold at Walmart. The flat design helps prevent food from spinning while the circular shape ensures you can close the grill’s lid.

Grill Basket

Some like to skewer their vegetables and some do not. So how do you prevent your delicate little produce from falling through the grill grates if you choose not to stab it with a stick? Why, with a grill basket of course. The High-heat Nonstick Steel Grill Roaster from Williams Sonoma enables the flame to reach your ingredients without the fear of losing them to the fire down below.

Drink Tub

There are two must haves at any backyard barbecue: cold drinks and a hot grill. So how do you keep your drinks cold on a warm day? Why, in style of course. The Hampton Collection Personalized Party Tub is constructed of beautiful, hammered stainless steel. Load this big tub with ice and distribute your beer, soda and water bottles inside. When your friends get thirsty direct them to the party tub for a cold, refreshing beverage. You can find this tub and other similar options at Personalization Mall. All items including this one can be personalized with names, messages or monograms.

Grill Brush

Sooner or later your party will come to an end and once its over it’ll be your job to clean up. Save yourself the trouble of scraping the grill with one of those bristled brushes. You’ll find yourself pressing and pushing, but a lot of the gunk just won’t break off. Instead check out the Grill Daddy Grand Grill Brush from Amazon. This tool will sterilize and clean your grill without chemicals. The brush uses steam to effortlessly remove baked on food and grime from your grill grates.

Gather these supplies, fire up the grill and host a gathering that your friends and family will love!