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6 Smart Ways to SPF

We all know we should be protecting our skin in the summer. We slather white lotion loaded with SPF all over our bodies before leaving the house. It’s a crazy wise move, but you may be surprised to learn that the options out there extend beyond Banana Boat–especially for women. Check out these unique picks from Hudson’s The Bay.


Clarins After Sun Moisturizer Self Tanning


Just because you’re dodging UV rays doesn’t mean you can’t get tan at all. Clarins has this ingenious product that gives your skin deep moisture after you’ve been spending some time in the sun while simultaneously self tanning. You can’t look great and  keep your skin healthy, all at the same time.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-Aging Moisture Lotion SPF 30


As we age, our skin loses moisture and elasticity. As we spend increasing amounts of time in the sun, we age faster. That’s why we love this product from Elizabeth Arden. It’s an anti-aging lotion that fights off free radicals with a powerful antioxidant while simultaneously protecting you from UVA/UVB rays via an adequate amount of SPF protection.

Biotherm Clear Body Spray SPF45


Not into rubbing thick, white lotion onto  your skin for minutes at a time before going out the door? No problem. Biotherm’s Clear Body Spray is just that—clear and spray on. It’s neither sticky nor oily, and gives you major protection with an SPF of 45.

Clinique City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25


While the SPF isn’t as high on this Clinique product, it does offer some advantages for those with oily skin. Not only does this clear application come oil-free, but it also works to absorb and wick away sweat and excess oil throughout the day. It serves as a perfect makeup primer.

Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector for Face


This isn’t your run of the mill BB Cream with a little bit of SPF thrown in. This UV protector comes with an impressive SPF level of 43, meaning that you could easily wear it and nothing else, but you can also throw makeup over it if you like more than a basic, liquid foundation.On top of everything else, it’s water resistant up to 40 minutes, so you can definitely wear it to the beach or the pool.

Clarins Sun Care Milk for Children


It’s amazing all the chemicals many companies put into sunscreen. It’s even more amazing that we unknowingly slather these lotions onto some of the most sensitive skin around—that of our children. Clarins’ Sun Care Milk for Children provides an SPF level of 50 without those nasty chemicals. Instead, they use minerals for  sun protection to keep little ones safe from those UVA//UVB rays. It’s also water-resistant, so can be used for those lazy summer days at the pool or your next family vacation to the shore.

However you decide to SPF, make sure you you do it. For you, your partner, and especially your children. There are choice few things nastier than skin cancer; be sure to throw it some shade.