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6 Summer Fashion Solutions for Kids Who Like to Dress Themselves

Choosing fashion styles for independent children isn’t always an easy thing to do. Young kids who like to dress themselves can end up making their parents feel a little frustrated with their clothing choices. Here are some solutions that will keep kids feeling good and parents stress-free this summer.wreath-842237_1920

  1. Groovy Pants

What kid doesn’t love animals? If your child’s favorite summertime activity is going to the zoo, then getting them some clothes with animal prints is the way to go. These harem pants by The Elephant Pants are a great solution for parents and their kids. They are lightweight and will keep your child cool in the summer and protected from sunburns and mosquito bites. And, kids will love the groovy elephant design. The best part? A portion of whatever is bought here goes to saving elephants!Groovy Pants

  1. Sporty Shoes

While kids can be immediately sure what shoes they like, parents are a little more picky, checking if the shoes are appropriate or not. Luckily, in summertime, a pair of flip flops or sandals isn’t as hard to fit as a pair of sneakers or shoes. Go for a pair like the Nike Kawa Slides which you can find at Eastbay. They are fashionable, comfy, and on sale!Sporty Shoes

  1. Vibrant Swimsuits

Buying bathing suits for kids can be a nightmare for parents when it comes to finding the right style, design, and protection for their kids. All that, plus finding one that the kids will like, is even harder. But, there’s a solution in these fun swimsuits. RoseWholesale has great deals on “mermaid” swimsuits which the kids will absolutely love and parents will think are adorable!4

  1. Trendy T-Shirts

T-shirts are a summertime essential, that really complete the outfit your child is wearing. A t-shirt definitely shows the personality of the wearer, and this is especially true for children with any bit of fashion independence. Head online to the Children’s Place, where you can find awesome t-shirts that both you and your kid will love. All the shirts come with cool graphics or inquisitive sayings that will make family and friends say, “Wow, cool shirt dude!”5

  1. Funky Hats and Fedoras

Hats are absolutely necessary in the summertime, but getting a kid to wear one can be a struggle. Now you can prepare for a photo moment with one of these fedoras, hoppy hats, or character caps from Cotton On. Kids will be confident in their style, and parents can say goodbye to the days of explaining to kids the importance of covering their heads.6

  1. A Sweet Pair of Sunglasses

No summer outfit is complete without a sweet pair of shades. Sunglasses are great for kids who like to dress themselves. They’ll love wearing them while parents know their kids’ eyes are UV protected.The sunglasses offered at Knockaround are not only stylish, but made so they won’t fall of your active child’s head. They come in different colors and designs, too, as well a canvas case to keep them from breaking.7

These fashion solutions are perfect for kids who dress themselves and parents who want their children to have more