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6 Tips to Hosting a Successful Thanksgiving Dinner

With 10 people in our house, it’s like every day is Thanksgiving! I am no stranger to cooking food for an army of people. So, when we have friends and family over for events like Thanksgiving dinner, it’s always a party. There’s not much sweeter in life than a home full of the ones I love most.


But, how can you successfully pull off a successful Thanksgiving dinner, especially if you’ve never done it before? Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Plan your Menu. Know exactly what you are going to serve and how many people you need to feed. If you are making a new recipe, I suggest making it at least once before your dinner as a trial run. You don’t want a dinner fail on Thanksgiving! To eliminate some stress, ask attendees to bring either a side dish or a dessert. That way, they are guaranteed to have something they like there, and you don’t have to do all the work.


  • Do the Prep Work Beforehand. My husband’s grandmother literally does ALL her prep work the entire week of Thanksgiving and then throws it all in the oven Thanksgiving Day. Now, I can’t do that. It would make me crazy. But, I have found that if I do the crux of my prep work the day before, it makes everything run more smoothly on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Take Care of Yourself. Make sure you allow time to do your hair, makeup, and get dressed. You don’t want a bunch of people coming over and you look like the haggard housewife. Things may get crazy fast, so be sure to plan some time to take care of you. Check out these promo codes from Beautycounter and pamper yourself a little bit either on the big day or just before.
  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Maybe the turkey ended up a little dry. Or you forgot lemons for the tea. Maybe you don’t have the pinterest-worthy placecards you were hoping to have. IT’S OK. Really! That’s not what anyone is going to remember. Just be sure your guests are comfortable and having a good time. Years from now, they’re only going to talk about how much they enjoyed being with family, not whether you had gold garland hanging from the chandelier.


  • Make Sure YOU Enjoy Dinner. Don’t get so stressed out about making sure everything is perfect that you neglect to sit down and enjoy the company of friends and family. That’s the entire reason you are even hosting the dinner in the first place. Sit down. Relax. Enjoy your family and make memories. Don’t wear yourself out over things that won’t matter in the long run.
  • Make Leftovers Last. Check out these promo codes from FoodSaver. You can save money and find some great products to help your Thanksgiving dinner leftovers last longer and taste amazing all over again.

I hope these tips help you feel confident and ready to host a successful Thanksgiving dinner.