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6 Ways to Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day Without  Breaking the Bank

As a mom, some of the most precious gifts I have received for Mother’s Day have not been those that cost a great deal of money. In fact, the things I cherish were very inexpensive. We are renovating our home now, so we have had to basically pack up our home. In the last few days, I have found some of the things my kids made me through the years.

The pasta necklaces, little handmade plaques and notepads are the sweetest things. If you want to celebrate a special lady this Mother’s Day, but your wallet is under some strain, have no fear. Let me share some ways you can honor that special woman without breaking the bank. She and your wallet with thank you.

Breakfast in Bed

Make mom breakfast in bed. Start with a nice bed tray like this Home Basics® Bamboo 18-Inch Bed Tray from Bed, Bath & Beyond, you can even take 20% off with this  promo code

Add a bud vase with her favorite fresh flower. Of course, make her a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon, French toast and bacon or whatever she likes best. Serve it with her favorite tea or coffee and a glass of fresh squeezed juice. Add a card with all the reasons she is special, and you will start her day wonderfully.

Offer Your Services

Has your mom or wife been asking you to do something you have put off? Maybe it is painting the bedroom or front porch. Whatever it is that she has been patient waiting for you to do, get it done, and then if you are able to keep it a secret, blindfold her for the big reveal.

Be a Sport

Has this special woman wanted to take a family photo or do something you are not so keen on? If so, suck it up and tell her that you are ready and willing. Take that photo you know she will treasure without gritting your teeth. Do it for her, she will love you for it.

Give Her a Flowering Plant

Buy her some hanging flowing plants to hang outside so she can see them bloom all spring and summer. They last longer than cut flowers, and she will be able to appreciate them for a long time. You can find some great deals at the garden center at the Home Depot. Beautiful Geraniums in all colors are available along with other colorful flowing plants in hanging baskets.

Treat Her to a Restaurant Dinner at Home

If she is a fan of a certain restaurant and entrée, try recreating it for her at home. You can find a lot of copycat recipes by searching online.  Give her the whole experience, tell her what time dinner is and then wait on her. She will love being pampered, but even if she tries to help with cleaning up, don’t let her.

Have a Mom Movie Night

Do you complain about the kind of movies your mom or wife likes? If so, put it to rest for one night and find out what she wants to watch. Find it on Netflix  or some other service and have a special movie night for mom. Make sure to have her favorite popcorn and movie theater candy on hand.