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6 Ways to Have Fun on a Budget this Fall

It’s not winter yet, but many of us, especially those of us who live in New England, associate the end of summer with the end of all outdoor activities. But for much of the country, this year is still unseasonably warm. Get out there and enjoy it so the long winter doesn’t feel so darn long. You don’t have to dust off the winter coats yet to enjoy fall outside. A heavy sweater and some fingerless gloves should do the trick. Here are five ways to get outside before the ground freezes over.

1. Go to a football game. Better yet, tailgate one. Find a local team and get nosebleed seats–make it about the day, not about winning, or about getting the best seats. No college team? Go your high school alma mater and enjoy the ambience. Hot chocolate in one hand and pretzel in the other sounds really cozy. Bring your kids and let them run around under the bleachers–they will stay warm that way!

2. Do a hayride. Local farms will offer seasonal activities until closer to Thanksgiving. Some apples are still in season, corn mazes are still constructed, and mums just went down to half price. If you go in the beginning of November, you’ll avoid the pre-Halloween October crowds.

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3. Just drive. Put your shades on and take a scenic drive through the country and open your windows. Allow the brisk air to make you chilly. Just enjoy a sunny day in the car before you have to blast the heat. Have a convertible? Just bundle up. Grab some sandwiches before you go and stop when you see something like a park, or even a winery, which can be perfectly appropriate for kids! Don’t forget your sneakers in case you see a tree-lined trail!

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4. Eat an early dinner outside. Many restaurants have heaters on the patio. You should take advantage of this and eat outside for the last time. You may want to include a few cocktails to keep your toes warm! If it’s too chilly for you, try for lunch. Just bring those shades because the sun is low this time of year!

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5. Play frisbee or flag football. Anything that will get you moving is a good idea because you won’t notice if it’s chilly. Encourage your kids to get outside as much as possible to exercise before the cold, dark, winter sets in. No kids? Set up a neighborhood tourney, or just an afternoon with friends accompanied by some hot chocolate.

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6. Get away. We love Airbnb for those last minute getaways. A one night stay and long afternoon drives can be just what you need to get a little R&R. Or, just rent a convertible and drive through the country! A day away can do wonders.