6 Ways to Prepare for Thanksgiving Traveling

Planning to visit your relatives for Thanksgiving? Traveling around the holiday season can be stressful, expensive, and demanding.

Thanksgiving holiday is one of the busiest travel times of the year and is often characterized by traffic snags and several transportation delays. However, with some bit of foresight and planning, you may relieve yourself from the most common travel headaches.

Thanksgiving will be less stressful if you start thinking about it earlier; especially, if you are going to travel.
Here are the things you need to consider if you want to lock down your travel plans:

Shop around

For travelers, sometimes price can be a limiting factor, and it is wise to shop around for great deals. When you visit booking sites like Travelocity or auction sites like Priceline, make sure you perform comparisons to find suitable prices.

Conducting a thorough search may provide you with better fares while keeping you updated about any package deals. In most cases, package deals will be available during travel periods, and you can be amazed by some of the offers.


The earlier you start your planning, the better. When you plan ahead, it will be easier to identify lower rates and make reasonable bargains. You can also sign up for any notifications about your journey and remain updated in case of any changes.

In addition, choosing the best day for traveling will be much easier.

As a precaution, avoid traveling on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving because of the rush. If you are going to travel by road, you can download the GasBuddy app. Planning ahead will also help you manage your expectations.

Reduce the hassles

While you may make it to the airport in time, you may sometimes have to spend more time tracing amenities and other essential utilities. However, you can avoid such hassles by using phone applications.

For example, Android users can consult google maps while iPhone users can download the GateGuru app for tracking gates and restaurants.

Major airlines like American Airlines and Delta Air Lines have their own websites where passengers can check in and make bookings.

This is the convenient time to read any laws and airline policies.

Pack Wisely

While you may have been able to fit all your belongings in a carry-on bag, you need a careful though if you are going to package liquids and gels. Such products require the right packaging: either zip-top or plastic bag.

You also need to take into consideration that some airlines charge to check luggage; therefore, trim your load effectively.


Conduct research on the web

Doing some web research can be a great time-saver during your travel time. You can gain insights about your destination, airports, security, and the time frame for your journey.

If you have the chance, you can print your tickets in advance to avoid any delays. You also have the opportunity of buying gifts online and having them shipped directly to your travel destination. This may help in reducing costs.


Charge all your devices

When you are going for a long journey, it is highly likely that your devices will run out of power; so, make sure your devices are fully charged before departing.

It can be irritating to be on a plane or train and not be able to listen to your favorite music because your phone does not have power. If you have any doubts, carry a portable charger.


Thanksgiving should be about happiness and giving at home, but sometimes you may be required to travel to enjoy the day with your family. With this in mind, you need to prepare for Thanksgiving traveling, whether you are going by road or flight.