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6 Winter Skincare Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin. As temperatures drop and humidity falls skin can become dry, cracked and even bleed. How can you reduce the effects of winter on your skin? How can you keep your skin healthy and moisturized? Try these tips and say hello to fresh vibrant skin and goodbye to all that dryness.

1. Moisturize


During the winter it’s wise to use an oil based moisturizer rather than a cream based one. It will add a protective layer on your skin that keeps out the harsh elements. Look for oils like avocado, primrose or almond. These will moisturize without clogging your pores. Apply moisturizer right after you bathe or shower while your skin is still slightly moist. Keep a bottle on the ledge of your bathtub or on a shelf in the shower and apply it to every part of your body other than your feet before you even step out of the tub.

2. Wash With Lower Water Temperatures


Hot water washes away your skins natural oils. If you want to retain those oils you need to reduce the temperature of the water you use to bathe, shower and wash your hands. Hot showers feel good, especially on those very cold mornings, but keep the temperature lukewarm to avoid drying out your skin.

3. Exfoliate


Older cells cannot soak up moisture as quickly as new ones. So now is the time to exfoliate your skin on a scheduled and recurring basis. You can purchase scrubs online or in store or grab a few ingredients from your pantry to make your own. Your hands and face should be your top priorities but overall body scrub or exfoliating body wash would be helpful too.

4. Apply Sunscreen

chapstick-for-chapped-lipsWe all buy bottles of sunscreen during those warm summer months but tend to stop using it throughout the winter. The truth is sunscreen is just as vital in the cold months as it is during the hot ones. Apply sunscreen to your face and hands before you go outside and don’t forget to reapply every two hours. Also apply an SPF based chapstick on your lips to keep them moist. If your lips do get chapped try O’Keefe’s Lip Repair to provide instant relief. You can buy a pack of six at

5. Wear Appropriate Clothing


Keep gloves and scarves on hand throughout the winter. They will keep you warm and protect your skin from near freezing temperatures. The thicker the layer the less likely that cold air will penetrate and dry out your skin.

6. Humidify

crane-humidifierIf you don’t already own a humidifier winter is the perfect season to buy one. A simple, low cost humidifier should run in every bedroom. Fill it up with cold water and let it run while you sleep. It will add moisture back into the air, which will prevent your skin from drying out. The Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier from Target brings soothing moisture into your air and provides relief from itchy, dry skin. It provides twenty-four hours of moisture in rooms up to 250 square feet in size.

There is no reason to suffer with itchy, dry cracked skin. With these easy tips your skin should stay healthy all winter.