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7 Classic Scary Movies to Watch Now

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There may be no better time of the year to watch a spooky movie than Halloween. From classic scary movies with scenes that make the hairs on your arms stand up to films that make you sleep with the lights on when you go to bed. Here are seven movies that you’ll want in your Halloween movie arsenal for your next scary movie marathon.

Terrifying Movies you will make you Sleep with the Lights On


I Am Legend

This thriller may be the most terrifying because the storyline is almost plausible. An epidemic erupts and within months, nearly the entire population of the earth is wiped out while those that survive turn into zombies. A lone man survives in New York City, a doctor, searching for a cure to the epidemic.

Children of the Corn

Written by Stephen King, a master of weaving terrifying tales, this story focuses on a young couple who are trapped in a rural community surrounded by corn fields where a strange religious cult of children reside. Watch it, but not if your home is surrounded by cornfields. In fact, you probably won’t want to drive past cornfields late at night for a while, if ever.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Don’t fall asleep may be the theme in this movie. Freddy Krueger is a serial killer that targets his victims while they sleep. This slasher film developed a cult following as movie movies were filmed for the series.

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A classic from the 1970’s, this was the first scary movie I watched as a child and to this day, is probably still the creepiest movies I’ve ever watched. The main figure in the movie is a shy young girl who has been bullied by her classmates due to her sheltered upbringing. She thinks that things are starting to look up when the boy she has a crush on invites her to the Senior Prom, but instead of a happy occasion, she finds out it’s all part of a humiliating joke, causing her to turn the tables on her bullies with an unforgettable end to the movie.

The Village

A small, remote community is terrorized by a terrifying creature. They live in fear, believing that following a set of rules will protect them within their walls, and it does, but one day they must venture outside the safety of their realm.
Sleepy Hollow

An investigator named Ichabod Crane travels to a town called Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of decapitations that witnesses claim were the result of a Headless Horseman.

Amityville Horror

Never move into a home that has been the site of a mass murder. That should be the moral of this story. Strange and horrifying events began to take place in a large Long Island home that newlyweds, George and Kathy Lutz, move into with their children. The site of a mass murder, the couple and their children are terrorized for days before they finally flee the house. This film is based on a true story, so sleep with the lights on after you watch it.

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Have you seen any of these movies? What movies would you add to this list and what movies do you think are too terrifying to finish or ever watch again?