7 of the Top Gifts for Tech Lovers


Tech lovers are suckers for gadgets, especially in this modern age where innovation is at an all-time high and technology is accelerating.

That gadget-obsessed family member, or friend, needs a sought-after item that can stand out. Here is a host of tech gifts that you can get a tech lover:

Polaroid Zip Instant Printer

Use this pocket-sized instant photo printer to print anywhere. It can be paired with a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth or NFC and collaborates with a phone app to print full-color photographs.

Talk of instant gratification. It can be purchased at Target.

FRENDS Headphones

Get the trendy Frends handmade headphones that are compatible with cell phones, MP3, and other audio devices. They come with a soft carrying case that protects their cushioning and metallic finish.

FRENDS headphones will allow for multitasking since they have three volume control buttons and a microphone. And they come in a range of colors; from rose gold-tone to white.


Google Chromecast

Your gift recipient likely has an Android device or tablet that is used to access the web and to perform other multiple functions. Google Chromecast will come handy for streaming movies, music, and photos.

This device enables streaming of one’s favorite entertainment in up to 4K. It even allows one to run the Chrome browser by ‘casting’ the screen to an HD TV. It can be purchased at Walmart.

Samsung Galaxy View

This massive 18.4-inch tablet accommodates every moment by providing an immersive viewing experience. It has a touchscreen that instantly allows you to switch between apps, games, and movies.

Its built-in handle makes it portable and converts it into a mobile home theater.

iPhone 7

Tim Cook launched this powerful device in September 2016. The iPhone 7 has considerably improved the most crucial aspects of the iPhone experience.

It has been touted as having the best performance and battery life ever, and it also introduces an advanced camera system.

This water-resistant technology has one of the most colorful iPhone display and will be highly appreciated by almost any gadget-lover; especially those who want a piece of iOS.



This expanding grip can attach to various tablets, cases, and phones, and can transform the capabilities of any portable device.

Whenever there is a need for a grip, just “pop.” PopSockets are great phone stands and phone grips. They can be used to hold tablets or e-readers more securely and have endless possibilities.

It can be a great accessory for a techy who loves to travel or spends most hours on airplanes and trains.

Misfit Ray

This versatile bracelet can monitor sleep patterns, track steps, and control calories. It also has a smart button that can be used to control connected household appliances.

Misfit Ray is also swim proof and has vibration alerts for text notifications, calls or alarms.

The device is available at Best Buy and will kill the need to wear multiple devices. Once connected with a phone, it will sync the user’s life to greatness.


While there are tons of tech gifts, these are some of the best that you can get a tech lover. Go out there and do your shopping.