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7 Practical Bookbag Ideas for Back To School

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Kids need to carry A LOT on their backs. Therefore, it’s really important for parents to get their children a bookbag that can not only hold their supplies but also sit comfortably on their growing bodies. If you plan on shopping around to find the right bookbag for your child, then you need to know where to look. Check out these practical bookbag ideas and go where you can get it for a good price!

1. The Classic JansportJansport bag

Overwhelmed by the amount of bookbag choices there are for your child? Then why not stick to the classic Jansport? Back in the day, these bags typically only came in a few solid, boring colors. But, nowadays, Jansport makes backpacks in every color and design. They are simple, easy, have a little pocket on the front for pens and pencils. They also have very supportive shoulder straps. Look out for Jansports at your local Target.

2. Kipling BagsKipling Bags

If your kid wants a little more versatility with their backpack, then check online at Amazon for Kipling bags. Kipling makes bags in every shape and size, and their light material makes it easy for kids to bring whatever they need. The bags also have a lot of pockets, so they can fit their lunch, school supplies, and even a water bottle. The zippers are easy to grab and don’t get stuck like they do on other backpacks. Kipling bags come in funky colors and designs, with a little gorilla attached to it. Your kid will love it!

3. Wheelie BagsWheelie Bags

If you’re concerned about your child’s back (and why wouldn’t you be?) then consider getting them a wheelie bag at a good price from Walmart. Wheelie bags are perfect because kids can add in extra weight without having to worry about carrying it from class to class. They are also fun, as your friends can sit on it and be rolled down the hallway at dismissal! Okay, not really, but if you get your kid a wheelie bag they will definitely be thanking you for it later.

4. A Satchel or Messenger BagMessenger Bag

A satchel or messenger bag is great for teenagers or college kids who want to show off their style. The bags help provide more support on the body, while still being able to hold a lot inside. The flap on a satchel makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. It’s the perfect solution for teenagers who want to be organized at school or college freshmen who want to make a good impression. Check out to see the great selection.


5. Tote Bags or Rucksackshol_126101_03_prod1

A large tote bag or loose rucksack is perfect for pre-teens. Totes and rucksacks are super easy to carry and there’s really no limit as to what you can load it up with. They’re lightweight and fashionable. Visit Hollister to get a discount on some durable and fashionable tote bags and rucksacks for back to school.

6. Drawstring BagsNIKE-SPORT-GYM-SACK-III-GA0268_206_A

Drawstring bags are great for the athletic type. Sure, they’re not very big, but for middle schoolers with a locker, it’s no issue. Drawstring bags are durable and flexible, and can also hold your child’s gym clothes if they play sports after school. These bags are also very inexpensive. Get yours at Nike.


7. Character Backpacks51012754

For little kids who are excited about the first day of school, get them their very first character backpack. It’s so much fun having kids choose which cartoon or superhero they want to have on their bag. For kindergartners and young children, picking out their backpack is one of the biggest things they look forward to at the end of the summer. These backpacks are easy to find at any Target, Walmart, or online.

What are you waiting for? The first day of school is right around the corner. Get your kid a bookbag that’s comfy, stylish, and comes at a great price!