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7 Tips for Cutting Your Grocery Billl


Now that market prices continue to skyrocket, the only thing you want to do is save-yes, even by cutting your grocery budget. However, cutting food costs doesn’t mean you’ll starve yourself to compensate for other expenses. Depriving yourself of the food you like is not a good idea, either. So if you want to save and not want to give up your little indulgence, then explore the following seven money-saving grocery tips.

Tip #1: Make a grocery list.
Almost all blogs you’ll find about tips on cutting your grocery bill advise you to plan ahead and make a shopping list. Well, this article is no exception. This is actually proven true and helpful. Making a list every time you go to the grocery does not only help you take away the guesswork out of meal planning; it also prepares you to achieve the right mindset of what you need to buy and what you don’t.

Tip #2: Don’t shop when you’re hungry.
Hunger can easily crash your willpower and turn everything irresistible. You’ll end up giving in to temptation, start piling junks in your cart, and mess up your budget. So before heading to the store, fill that empty belly.

Tip #3: Buy seasonal produce.
Not only does it cost less, seasonal produce makes the most out of your money, too. You can be rest assured that fruits and vegetables in particular are freshly picked and packed with nutrition. They also have their full flavors intact so they surely taste way better.

Tip #4: Avoid brand discrimination.
Make the most informed decision by comparing prices. Don’t get enticed by name brands with their fancy packaging and advertising. Unbranded products don’t equate poor quality. In fact, if you try cheaper brands, you’ll be surprised that you can actually get the same taste and quality for lesser price.

Tip #5: Avail special offers.
Take advantage of the store’s discounts and special offers, like “buy one, get one free.” Be careful, though. Many consumers tend to buy more than what they’re supposed to need, which often leads to the dark side of bulk buying. Buy only what you (or you will) eat. It is more painful to see if you ended up eliminating the excess because you weren’t able to consume it before it expires.

Tip #6: Stock food staples.
Going to the grocery less saves time and gasoline, so it’s a good idea to store food essentials like canned goods, rice, pasta, condiments, and even seasonings. Again, consider the shelf life of the products to prevent food waste.

Tip #7: Plan a less-meat-more-veggies meal.
Meat can be very expensive, and vegetables are certified healthy. Therefore, one painless way to curb on your expenses is to cut back on meat, and add more veggies to your diet. This doesn’t mean to go totally vegetarian, but going meatless once a week might just be your saving grace.

It takes 1 percent planning and 99 percent self-control to manage your food budget without sacrificing your food indulgence. Take the above-mentioned tips into consideration, and you’ll be amazed how much money you can save.