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7 Tips To Decorate Christmas On Budget

Financial crunch has left many families with no other option than imposing cuts over holidays and celebrations. But Christmas is a time when kids are seen in high spirits and adults are all excited for family get together. At this time of year, the decoration of Christmas can be quite expensive.

Still, you can make this Christmas as memorable as previous years by following seven easy tips to decorate Christmas on a tight budget:

decorate green

1. Go green: Decorate your house with green leaves and branches. You can decorate the candle stands with green leaves and red Christmas ribbon. Tie the leaves keeping distance from the candle as they may catch fire.

glass christmas balls

2. Glass Balls: Glass balls are not expensive and are easy to buy. Last year’s decoration lying in the cupboard can also be used at this time. Hang some of the glass balls wrapped with colorful ribbons near door and windows. You can also use colored sheets to give a disco light effect.

paper christmas tree

3. Paper trees: Go out with your kids and buy some crispy and glossy papers. Sit with your children and ask them to help you out in making trees. Decorate these trees with sparkles on the corners. Your children will surely love making them and you will end up saving a lot of money

felt hanging

4. Felt hanging: Felt hangings are quite popular as a Christmas decoration. You just need to cut them in the shapes of stars, tress, snowmen and many others. Just hang them all over the house and make it look spectacular.


christmas quilt

5. Make Quilt: If you are good at sewing, then you can try making a quilt dedicated to Christmas holidays. Use leftover of previous Christmas and old blankets and fabric for sewing.  The quilt can be used while sitting on the couch instead of going to some mall for having a great time with family members.

christmas candles

6. Candles: Decorate your house with candles. You can use different size of candles to give a nice look to your house on this Christmas Eve. You can even try making candles at home with a little research. In case you don’t get what to do, you can always visit the market. A good variety of candles is available in the market. Choose vivid and colorful candles.

7. Pot your tree: Instead of buying the traditional Christmas tree, pot your own tree. Your kids will surely love the idea of growing their own Christmas tree. The tree thus potted can be retained by you or can even be donated to a green space in the next spring.

Children wait enthusiastically for the Christmas. It is hard for the parents to say no to the wishes of the children. Spending money is tough in these times of inflation and recession. The aforementioned simple tips can help you to celebrate without crossing the limit of the budget. A preset budget will help you in managing your Christmas expenses in a better way.