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7 Tricks to Being a Great Host or Hostess for the Holidays

Are there a ton of people in your house right now? Well, it must be the holidays. It can be really fun to host your friends and family over the holidays, but it can also be stressful. People who are hosting people for the first time might be worried that they aren’t “doing it right.”

Well, don’t worry because there is no “right way” to be a great host! It’s all about your personality, and the way you incorporate people into your personal space. Here are some tips and tricks to help new and veteran hosts and hostesses make the most of the season, and leave their guests with a positive experience and lasting impression!

hotel guest bedroom

Add hotel-inspired details to guest bedrooms. Take a page from luxurious hotels and prepare your guests’ bedrooms as if you were hosting a stranger. Pretend your house is an adorable bed’n’breakfast!

1. Set out some local magazines so out-of-town guests can get an idea of the area they’re staying in.

2. Type up an info sheet to leave with your guests including important information like the house address, wifi password, home phone number, location of spare keys, and even common house noises and quirks that they should look out for.

3. Leave some comfy clothes to help your guests feel more relaxed and cozy in their home away from home. Go above and beyond by picking up some new, affordable pajamas or robes and leaving them folded neatly on the bed. Shop the affordable pajamas at Zaful and use our coupons to get 10% off on beautiful pajamas for your guests!


4. Place a few clean bath towels in the bedroom so your guests know that they’re welcome to take a bath or shower.

5. Leave some snacks in sandwich bags in a drawer or on the nightstand. But don’t try to charge your guests unless you’re very brave (or the snacks were really expensive).

6. Put a TV in the guest rooms. Sometimes when you’re away from home and being hosted by someone, it can be hard to sleep. If your guests are staying for more than one night, having a TV can really allow people to settle in and feel at home. If you don’t have a cable package, don’t worry!

7. Clean the room thoroughly before your guests arrive. You want them to enter a fresh, clean space that looks welcome and ready to receive lots of baggage and personal items that your guests will bring. If you need a great vacuum for a big job, save $50 on a Dyson vacuum with our promotions, and it’ll make quick work of your guest rooms.

clean bed sheets for guest bedroom

After the holidays are over and the new year begins, your guests will go back home with memories of you being an absolutely fantastic host with extremely comfortable accommodations. The only risk is that you’ll have more house guests after they tell everyone!