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8 Alternatives to Candy for Trick-Or-Treaters

alternatives to candy
Are you ready for trick-or-treaters? You only have one week before children start ringing your doorbell with the expectation of sweets. Loading up on candy this time of year can be expensive. While there are aisles upon aisles of it, the markdown on excess inventory doesn’t start until after the holiday is over. To help you save, we’ve compiled a list of eight non-candy alternatives that will help you cut costs.

1. Glow Sticks

Check out the dollar store or the dollar section of your preferred retailer. Not only are glow sticks a super cheap option that kids will love, but they’ll also help keep them safe if they start wearing them before they’re done trick-or-treating.

2. Play-Doh

Are you the last house on top of a hill? It’s likely you’ve busted out full candy bars as rewards for the kids who make the trek to your abode. Instead of splurging on big candy, try passing out miniature containers of Play-Doh. The ROI on this investment goes down when the numbers of trick-or-treaters increases, but if you don’t get frequent visitors you can make your house the coolest on the block for a small amount of money. You can find packs of mini Play-Doh at retailers like WalMart.

3. Freeze Pops

We didn’t say we’d be taking sweets off the table; just that we’d be cutting the candy along with its costs. Freeze Pops are a great alternative. They’re always pretty cheap, but right now they’re wildly out of season, bringing the cost per pop lower. On top of that, you can hand them out unfrozen unlike other cold treats.

4. Frosties

Have you been to Wendy’s lately? They’re handing out coupon books for ten frosties for only $1. Conceivably, you could get 100 frosty coupons to pass out for only $10. Kids will love that they get a trip to the fast food joint, and you’ll get the honor of passing out a big treat for a small price.


5. Bubbles

Head to the party section of your local retailer and you’ll find packs of miniature bubbles for $3 or less. Load up on a few packs, and you’ll have enough for a whole hoard of grateful trick-or-treaters. Because what kid doesn’t love bubbles?

6. Fake Tattoos

If you’ve got Prime then you still have time to order some temporary tattoos on Amazon. With offers for 70 as low as $8.33, you’ll be able to load up for less. These may be better to hand out individually to each child. We can totally see a six-year-old raiding your stash as they attempt to grab a handful.

7. Balloons

Pick these up in the economy-size packages for the biggest bang for your buck. Don’t blow them up, though. They might just pop before the kids make it home!

8. Pumpkin Seeds

You and your own family can have a lot of fun cooking these up beforehand, and it keeps those seeds from carving from going to waste. Package them in baggies, and be sure to label them with “From the (insert your family name here)” before passing them out. That way other parents know they can trust the house they came from.

With a little creativity, you can skip the overpriced candy without being that guy who passes out toothbrushes.