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8 Awesomely Cheap Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer

Summer is  here and your kids are out of school! They’re probably anxious for some downtime, but we know that TV and video games all summer are not options! And we also know that entertaining your kids each day can get expensive. We’ve come up with cool activities for all ages that will keep the kids busy.

1. Sea Shell crafts

There are so many things to do with sea shells! Plan a beach trip and collect sea shells. The next day, paint, decorate, glue, or string up. If you’re feeling really ambitious, check out these Koalas made of shells from Martha Stewart, and be sure to display your shell creations about the house! Decorate for many uses, like jewelry holder or dish for your ketchup!

2. Set up a water park in your backyard!

Get a large kiddie pool from Walmart or Target, put the sprinkler on (at my house, we put the slid under it) and unroll the slip and slide (or make your own on a piece of tarp!). Set up an obstacle course and time them. This is kind of an epic version of a slip and slide (pictured below) from Family Water The kids will be tired out in no time.

3. Check out the library programs.

It’s a given that most town libraries have reading programs, but many town libraries feature other events like musical events, nature events, and crafts. See what (free) enrichment programs your town has to offer.

4. Get a little dirty.

Have your kids decorate one another with body paint. Just hose off when your finished!

5. Take a hike.

Make a checklist of things to see or find and have your kids check them off along the way. It will keep them busy and active.

6. Have fun with chalk art!

You can set up learning activities on the driveway. Have the kids unscramble words, play hangman, or create games where they have to jump to the letters you call out, or the right number that fits the equation. (Hop on the number that equals 9-7!) Better yet, turn your driveway into a huge gameboard. Paste numbers for the die on a bean bag ottoman!

7. Feed the ducks!

Pack a picnic lunch, including extra bread to head out and feed the ducks. This will keep small children busy for hours!

8. Be an entrepaneur!

Set up a lemonade stand or a trike-wash (like a car wash!) and take an opportunity to learn about money.