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8 Best Funny Christmas Movies to Stream Online

Even if you’re a stone-cold, emotionless robot throughout the rest of the year, the idea of watching Christmas movies with your family when it’s snowing outside will melt anyone’s heart. If you’re doing Christmas right, it isn’t celebrated only on December 25, it’s celebrated all month long. These movies will have you crying from laughter and cozy warm with good Christmas vibes.

Living in the age of streaming technology has been a really fun way to bond with family members in other generations. Instead of trying to understand explanations of movies my parents saw when they were younger, I can now just find the movie and stream it over the internet! It’s super nostalgic for the older set, and it’s memory-making for everyone.

On the flip side, people of every age can share their favorite animated holiday films, seasonal comedies, or campy Christmas horror films with the entire family. As far as classics go, there are a few movies that I think everyone should include in their yearly viewing schedule.

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This is A Christmas Carol gone wonky. Bill Murray is a high-power green monster that gets visited by the famous three ghosts: Christmas Past, Present, and Future. What happens after that will crack you up and warm your heart with holiday spirit.


White Christmas

For the true Christmas movie connoisseur, White Christmas is mandatory viewing. In this 1954 musical classic, Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby leading a sparkling cast through a series of song and dance numbers that take place in beautifully crafted live sets.

The Santa Clause

A disgruntled dad played by comedian Tim Allen slowly turns into the very-real, very-not-made-up Santa Claus due to a long lineage of a passed-down tradition. As he tries to cope with becoming the world’s most beloved and jolly elf, you will be laughing your socks off!

Ernest Saves Christmas

While this might be a bit of a wild card for lovers of traditional Christmas movies, Ernest the idiot has played a roll in a ton of our lives. Whether he’s “scared stupid” or saving Christmas, he will bring some seriously laughter into your home.

love actually

Love Actually

Who can get through this movie without shedding a tear? Whether it’s over heartbreak or rekindles romance, this is the official rom-com of the Christmas season. Follow several couples through the trials and tribulations of falling in love, all while surrounded by beautiful New York City Christmas scenes.

A Very Murray Christmas

Bill Murray and Christmas go together like cheese and fine wine. There’s something about his bleak and jovial demeanor that fits perfectly with the season. This Netflix-exclusive special features tons of special celebrity guests that get together to sing some Christmas tunes with Bill.

A Very Murray Christmas

The Legend of Frosty the Snowman

This animated movie is a classic from my childhood. A cute, old-fashioned cartoon movie for kids of all ages (including over 30). There is so much nostalgia wrapped up in this story, the songs, and that dang hat. Definitely a favorite.

Fireplace For Your Home

Last but not least, the hour-long video recording of a crackling fire. What could be better when you’re holed up in your fifth floor apartment on a snowy night? There is even a soundtrack of cozy crackles from the fire to accompany the view. This year, you can choose which type of wood you’d like to watch slowly burn! If this isn’t a hilarious and subtle Christmas classic, I don’t know what is.

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