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8 Easter Basket Alternatives to Candy

easter basket

Easter will be here in three weeks! If you’re not trying to give your kids a sugar rush to celebrate the holiday, here are some great candy-alternatives for Easter baskets:

Make a DIY Peep Pillow

Instead of sugar covered, marshmallows, you can help your children celebrate this beloved holiday icon by making your own DIY peep pillow. Use this video tutorial to learn how; it’s super easy, and will look great in an Easter basket!

The Story of Easter

If you’re a religious family, you can bring the story behind Easter to your child with holiday-themed books. Titles include The Barenstein Bears’ Easter Sunday and Veggie Tales’ A Very Veggie Easter, and can be found at They’ll fit perfectly in Easter baskets, and will get your kids on-point before dressing up for church.

A Secular Movie

Not so much into religion? A really funny kids’ movie for the holiday came out in 2011: Hop. Join E.B. as he rebels against family tradition dictating that he must be the Easter Bunny. Instead, he escapes Easter Island to pursue his dream of being a professional drummer. He finds a replacement, and makes unlikely friendships along the way! You can get this movie for less at Walmart. Our favorite part is that it’s not so cheezy that you won’t be able to sit through it; there’s some humor for parents thrown in, too!

Arts and Crafts

A great alternative to sugar bingeing is using innate energy to create. There are tons of Easter-themed art kits around right now; pick a few up to throw into your child’s Easter basket. Whether it’s water colors, crayons, stickers, or something else, the art won’t just give your child something to do while filling their basket; it will also give you decorations to keep for years to come!


While there are a lot of Easter themed toys filled with candy, you can find some that are not. Some toys will spin, others will light up, and others still will be stuffed animals. To do these affordably, check bargain bins or shop your own local discount store.

Healthy Snacks

It’s a little weird that a bunny delivers candy and eggs, right? Instead, load that basket full of food rabbits actually enjoy, like carrots and leafy greens. There are tons of ways to arrange healthy foods in ways that are fun for kids, and you’ll be keeping them healthy at the same time!

Egg Dye Kits

If you’re anything like me, you don’t get every last thing done in time for the holidays. If you want to purposefully procrastinate one time-consuming tradition, you can wait to dye eggs until the night of Easter. That way, you can shop amongst the myriad of crazy cool and crazy affordable egg dye kits there are in this day and age, and surprise your kiddo with one in their Easter basket.


We do Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve, so why can’t we do Sunday’s best in the Easter Basket? Hats, dresses, ties, and frilly socks can all make their way into Easter baskets to get your little one excited to dress up for the day’s photos.