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8 Experiences That Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts

Moms devote a lot of time and attention to their children. Think of all of the meals your mom makes, school events she sponsors and sporting games she attends. Your mom spends an inordinate amount of time and energy enthusiastically cheering on your interests and activities.

In honor of all of this hard work we celebrate Mother’s Day with lots of mugs, drawings and cards. We also give mom a fair share of jewelry, beauty products and home decor. While every mom appreciates the gesture of these gifts we have an idea she might treasure even more.

This year skip traditional gifts in favor of an experience the two of you can share together. Take the spotlight off of yourself this holiday and shine it back on your mom. What types of activities would your mom love to do? If you’re not quite sure read through the list of exciting mother-daughter or mother-son activities below. You can find discounted rates to these and many other non-traditional Mother’s Day activities at Groupon.

But beware these aren’t your typical Mother’s Day brunch ideas. These are grown-up ideas that will make your mom feel like a rock star.

Try an Escape Room

Is your mom a natural problem solver? Would she get a kick out of getting locked in a room, searching for clues and solving puzzles to find the key to escape? Some escape rooms are designed to be mysterious and some downright scary, but no matter the theme all will set a timer and provide clues that make for a thrilling, time-crunching adventure. Search for escape rooms on Groupon then book a room and invite the whole family.

Take Lessons Together

Has your mom always dreamed of enhancing her artistic passion? Has she dreamed of learning to paint, write or draw? Does she want to learn to surf or sail? Would she love to bake decadent desserts or gourmet meals? Most of us have secret aspirations. Ask your mom what her dream job might be or what she would most love to do when she retires. Then purchase lessons that will let her refine her craft or simply test out a secret passion.

Hire a Personal Trainer

A lot of moms spend so much time focusing on their children and their families that they spend very little time devoted to their own needs and desires. Would your mom love to feel good and get in better shape? Would she love to run a 5K, a marathon or simply feel good about herself and her body? This year schedule some time for you and your mom to meet with a personal trainer. Your mom will love working out beside you and growing strong together.

Visit a Local Festival or State Fair

Mother’s Day occurs in May, which just happens to be one of the most temperate and beautiful times of the year. This year buy advance tickets to a local festival or state fair in your area. Festivals are specific to the towns and cities you live in, but most festivals revolve around some type of food. Perhaps it’s seafood, beer and wine or a specific fruit or vegetable like strawberries or potatoes. Plan to spend the day tasting various food and wines and partaking in the sights and sounds of the festival.

Visit a Winery

If your mom has a refined palette and enjoys a glass of wine with dinner or dessert than consider planning a trip to your local winery. Take a long scenic drive out into the country and spend the afternoon tasting a wide selection of wines while munching on complementary cheese and snacks. Consider packing a picnic so you can partake of the scenery while dining on gourmet sandwiches or salads.

Buy Tickets to the Symphony, Ballet or Theater

Does your mom love listening to classical music? Is she a former dancer or simply a fan of the ballet? Does she love the opera? Would your mom enjoy tickets to the symphony or theater? You can buy pricey tickets to a premier event in New York City or you can look for cheap seats to the theater of your local college. It doesn’t matter how fancy or formal the event might be, the point is simply to focus on your mom’s love of the arts and to enjoy one of these events with her. While your mom is all dolled up extend the day by taking her out to a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Laugh at the Comedy Club

Is your mom a bit of a comedian or is she the serious type who could use some levity? Whether your mom is funny or could just use a good laugh consider a trip to a comedy club in your area. This is a great idea for the mom who needs a break: nothing relieves stress and anxiety quite like laughter.

Go Tandem Skydiving

Is your mom a bit of a daredevil? If your mom could use a thrill consider hopping in a plane for a tandem skydiving adventure. Nothing will get your mom’s heart pounding faster than the fear of jumping from a plane, but remember this is an adventure for the two of you, so you’ll need to put on a brave face and jump alongside her.

This year skip traditional gifts in favor of an experience you can share together. Look for discounted tickets to these adventures and many more on Groupon.