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8 Helpful Money Applications On Your Smartphone

With a Smartphone, it is easier than ever before to keep a record of your banking transactions, bill payments, EMIs etc. Smartphone apps will help you stay organized and give you friendly reminders when those pesky bills or EMI payments are due.  We have prepared a list of the top 8 money apps that can help you to stay organized.

(1) Mint.Com Personal Finance

mint android

This is an Android or iOS compatible application, which is free of charge. This app acts like your personal budget monitor. It allows users to securely draw out bank account and credit information and transfer it into the app. This smart app will help you develop a savings goal, organize your spending, give you balance alerts, bill reminders and much more.

(2) Concur


This is an iOS, Android and Blackberry compatible app, which requires a subscription, that starts at $8 USD. This application is perfect for business travellers who want streamline reporting. The app is capable of extracting relevant information from the snap of a receipt, such as amount, vendor name etc.

(3) Turbo Tax Snap Tax

turbotax snaptax

This free to use app is designed to discard the traditional way of filing taxes. Individuals, who are filing under 1040 EZ or 1040A categories, may use this application. By uploading a copy of your W2, you can automatically complete the relevant information and directly submit your return to the IRS. There is a small mandatory e-filing fee, for filing your income tax that you will have to pay.

(4) Pageonce Money and Bills

pageonce money and bills

This free application is compatible across all phone platforms such as Blackberry, iOS, Android and Windows. It keeps a record of different types of accounts including your monthly bill history, payment history, money outflow and other account transactions. This app also tracks information such as frequent flyer miles, investments and credit card debts. It also has a bill reminder feature, which enables you to pay your bill directly through the application.

(5) CNBC Real Time


This is an iOS application, free to use, which enables stock market savvy individuals get up to date, and receive on the spot Real Time updates on stock quotes. Users can see information such as company profiles, stock quotes, news reports etc. It also shows reports from CNBC analysts.

(6) iAllowance


This is an iOS application, with a cost of $3.99 USD. It is designed for children, encouraging them to manage their time, track their chores and responsibilities, and budget their allowance. If parents prefer not to use money, they can switch the money aspect of the app to stars.

(7) RedLaser


This app is designed to be used on Windows, Android and iOS phones, and is free of charge.
This enables you to do comparison shopping, so that you can find the best price of your product. Simply scan the barcode of the product, or type in the product name in the search field, and you will see the price listings for that product across many retailers.

(8)PayPal Mobile

paypal mobile

This popular money transaction service is now available across iOS, Android and Blackberry phones, and is free to use. It remains one of the securest ways to send and receive money, and now right from your phone.

These useful money applications will help you manage your budget and keep track of your expenses.